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  English Language center
BIA English Language Center in Riga, Latvia

BIA English Language Center, located in Riga, Latvia, offers ESL courses in General English, Academic English, Business English or Intensive English Preparation (IEP) and Test Preparation. We provide a variety of options for you to easily and quickly learn and study English. If you’re looking for quality ESL lessons at a competitive price, then BIA has the right program for you.
Prior to your classes starting you will go through an assessment process to place you in the appropriate level. 

General English

If your goal is to improve your conversational English in the shortest time possible to progress in your career and life, this is the right program for you.  These ESL classes are ideal if you would like to combine learning English with exploring a new country and culture.  General English lessons focus on the four principles of Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing.
General English program has five levels from Beginner to Advanced and is available from 4 to 15 hours per week.  You may also choose to complement your group classes with additional private instruction focused on your individual needs.

Academic English

Academic English program focuses on academic preparation for undergraduate, graduate and doctorate programs. The Academic English Program courses include IELTS preparation. 
The AEP program prepares students for entry into the university or college of their choice or purely to learn English in a rigorous and challenging manner.  Language instruction includes all the language skills with a strong emphasis on written work. 

Business English

Business English courses provide training for using English in a business setting.  We will help you use your English via such applications as conference calls, presentations, written correspondence and meetings.
Business English is one of BIA's areas of expertise. We have been running Business English courses in a variety of contexts since we began, guiding students toward a qualification in English for business purposes, for example in BEC (Cambridge Business English Certificate).
We have excellent exam preparation courses to help you get results.

BIA English Language Center can provide you with:

• Experienced Teachers - most have PhD and masters' degrees and at least 5 years teaching experience.
• Small Class Size - an average of just 9 students per class.
• Visa support – for foreign students.
• Your Own Personal Advisor - to monitor your progress and provide you with assistance.

Contacts: Irina Popova
Head of the foreign languages department
Lomonosova 1, room 209
Riga, Latvia

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