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The 3rd International Students’ Seminar on Cross Cultural Communication
The 3rd International Students’ Seminar on Cross Cultural Communication took place in BIA on the 19th November, 2014. Students from different countries participated in the seminar, among them Latvia, Turkey, the Netherlands, Kazakhstan, Russia, Uzbekistan, Belarus and Ukraine.


The 2nd International Students’ Seminar on “Cross-Cultural Communication” took place on 3rd of December 2013 in BIA. The seminar was held by the English language center and ERASMUS department with participation of the following programs: “Business Administration”, “Management of tourism and leisure business” and “Strategic management of communication in the leisure and entertainment industry”. International students from Portugal, Spain, Romania, Lithuania, Turkey, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Russia, China and Georgia participated with the reports.

Dear students,
English language courses "Elementary, part II" will start on 7 October, 2014.
We are waiting for you in room 310 L-1 at 16.40
Contact info:

On the 30th of October 2012 American Publishing House “Galaxy” donated Books and Audio books to English Language Centre of BIA. The Read and Listen Programme is especially effective for everyone who studies English as a Second Language and wants to improve their English skills and advance their knowledge of the English language.

On the 30th of October 2012 English and German Language Centers BIA hosted an International Students’ Seminar “Special Features of Cross-Cultural Communication in the European countries”. The seminar was attended by the following participants: ERASMUS students, students of BIA and BIPM from the programs “Business Administration”, “EBS-Riga”, “Tourism and Hospitality Business Management”, “Translation”, “Social work” and “Psychology”. Theses of the reports are to be published in the electronic format in the English and German languages.

English Language Centre
We would like to invite the students and the faculty of BIA and BIMP to the English Culture Club, and to participate in the discussions and lectures on Anglophone literature, art and culture.

English Language Center and the Foreign Languages Department of Baltic International Academy kindly invites everyone to join the English Language Courses.


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