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  Financial support for students
BIA English Language Centre

BIA English Language Centre, located in Riga, Latvia, offers ESL courses in General English, Academic English, Business English or Intensive English Preparation (IEP) and Test Preparation. We provide a variety of options for you to easily and quickly learn and study English. If you’re looking for quality ESL lessons at a competitive price, then BIA has the right program for you.
Prior to your classes starting you will go through an assessment process to place you in the appropriate level.
BIA English Language Centre can provide you with:

• Experienced Teachers - most have PhD and masters' degrees and at least 5 years teaching experience.
• Small Class Size - an average of just 9 students per class.
• Visa support – for foreign students.
• Your Own Personal Advisor - to monitor your progress and provide you with assistance.

Contacts: Irina Popova
Head of the foreign languages department
Lomonosova 1, room 209
Riga, Latvia

  Russian language school

  The Communicative Approach has been proved to be one of the most successful in providing confident learners who are able to make themselves effectively understood in the shortest possible time.
The teacher will speak only Russian, and explain the new material using familiar vocabulary and kinetics: facial expression, gestures, pictures, photos and videos.
First, you will acquire words, and only then apply grammar structures to them.
The teacher will offer you up-to-date topic-based problem-solving tasks. You will be asked to cooperate in pairs or groups and participate in role-plays and live discussions to find a satisfying outcome of a given situation using only the Russian language. Thus you begin to think in Russian!
Each lesson you are going to participate in an informal discussion, which will help you forget about your language barrier and simply start speaking!
We use communicative activities, mass media and information technology - everything that will help you learn about Russian lifestyle and start to communicate without any problems!

  Address: Lomonosova Street 1/4 – 308

    The German Language Course

  Knowledge of the German language will help you to get a job in a European company and become competitive in the European employment market.
Modern learning aids, which were developed by leading German publishers, are used during learning of German. The basic principle for teaching is – from easy to difficult.
The learner comprehends the structure and logics of the German language, learns four basic skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing. Extra audio and video materials make learning process even more effective. In this centre is it possible to get consultations about exams in Goethe Institute (in Riga) and different level certificates according to ‘Common European recommendations of the German language’.

  Get extra information:
The head of German information centre
Docent Svetlana Yashkina
Lomonosova Street 1 / 4, Room 223.
Phone: +371 26041790


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