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  Facilities for special needs students
Using its own financial resources as well as the resources of the European Fund for Regional Development, the Baltic International Academy has completed renovations of the building. The project has now been fully completed and the environment has been shaped to meet the needs of individuals with functional disabilities. The main entrance-exit has been equipped with two ramps so that individuals in wheel chairs, older people and mothers with strollers could easily enter and leave the building. Both ramps meet relevant construction standards. The main entrance-exit railings have been installed at two height levels to meet the needs of individuals of various heights. The main entrance-exit stairs have been marked with the yellow color to enable individuals with impaired vision to use them without difficulty. The Baltic International Academy has also two courtyard entrance-exits, which have also been equipped with ramps, installed under the proper angle. The stairs, too, have been marked with the yellow color.

The Baltic International Academy has glass doors that lead to the library and cloakroom. The glass has been matted to draw individuals’ attention. An additional stairs rampant has been constructed in the cloakroom, which can be used by individuals with movement disabilities.

A new restroom for individuals with movement disabilities has been constructed on the ground floor. The toilet meets relevant height standards. There is a lift handle by the toilet. The sink is fitted with a modern tap. The mirror by the sink is adjustable at different angles. There is free space underneath the sink which allows individuals in wheel chairs to closely approach the sink.

Each building door in their full opening is 900mm in all reconstructed rooms. The building is equipped with the elevator. The first and last stairs step is marked with the yellow color. These stairs lead to adjusted rooms, standard rooms and library. All rooms that required a rampant to enable individuals in wheel chairs to easily enter and exit the rooms have been equipped with it. Thresholds separating the rooms with the hallway have been removed. The computer room has been equipped with new equipment with the adjustable study space and various size monitors. Six parking lots have been allocated to individuals with disabilities in the Baltic International Academy yard. All of these parking lots have been properly marked. The territory of the yard is well groomed.


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