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The Riga Central Scientific Library was created by the efforts of many lecturers and students.

But the major collector and creator of the book fund is Vice Dean and a leading lecturer at the Faculty of Law, Constantin Matveev. Exactly he managed to find and save rare books on the History of Law which he collected bit by bit and by the incredible efforts and interesting searches.

A brilliant lawyer, an expert in the field of copyright, the head of the Baltic International Academy's magistracy, Vladimir Bagirov, presented the collection of the Latvian Republic's Law since 1991 as well as Law books.

Henry Bush, Professor of the University of Latvia, presented a rich collection of books on Philosophy, Art, Ethics, Esthetics in German.

Vilnis Rutmanis. Doctor of History and Philosophy, an expert in the fields of Philosophy, History, Esthetics and Industrial Design, replenished our fund by books on Philosophy, Mathematics, Economics and Rhetoric.

Professor Vladimir Shmidt, who is President and Vice-President of the Baltic Association of The Forensic Experts, presented books on Medicine, Natural Science, Mathematics, including rare books in German.

Nikolai Surin, a senior lecturer of the Baltic International Academy, a lecturer on training courses “ Multicultural Communications”, “ Imageology”, “History of Art”, donated to the library a lot of fiction, including books of “The Library of World Literature”, as well as books on Art, Rhetoric, Ethics, Esthetics.

George Bazhenov, a bibliophile and an erudite, an employee of the institute, replenished the library's fund by rare reprint editions on History, Philosophy, and books written by the best authors of the Russian and Foreign Literature.

Books collected by these people in a long search during many years and brought home as new-found treasure, were donated to the library of Alma Mater without compensation.

A book collection of The Latvian Union of Designers was released for the use at the BIA library after the successful accreditation of the program “ Digital Visualization” in 2005, this fund contains about 350 titles.

The library received books in German ( about 1000 specimens) as a gift on the initiative of Professor Manfred Kerner in the same year. These are books on Sociology, Political Science, Law. This book fund together with other books in German will form the basis of books in a new reading-room named “Vacu valodas informacijas centrs”. “Deutsches Informations Zentrum”.

“ The Russian Centre ” of the Baltic International Academy was opened in 2009, it is the gift of The Fund “The Russian World”. There are 1000 titles of rare and interesting books on History, Culture, Art, The Philosophy of Russia. You can find here the modern Russian prose and poetry, editions of the Russian literature's classics, books for children, 216 titles of the Media Library.

The Information Centre of the European Union was opened in 2011. The basis of the book fund of this reading- room- auditorium consists of the books on the European History, European Policy, European Economy and Law in English and Latvian.

The reading - room of rare books was opened in the 2012, it was the jubilee year, the 20 years since the foundation of the higher school.

Vladimir Sokolov, a well-known public figure of Latvia, presented 90 titles of rare books included the lifetime edition “ The History of the Russian State” by N. Karamzin, works by V. Solovjev, V. Klyuchevsky, the collection of works by W.Shakespeare, F. Schiller of the editions “ The Brockhaus & Efron”.

Stanislav Buka and Valery Nikiforov, the Baltic International Academy's Board Members , also replenished the collection of rare books by their presents.

Anatoly Rakityansky, a well-known bibliophile, presented 30 volumes of the Encyclopedia “ The Brockhaus & Efron” for the library.


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