Business in Malopolska – Partnership Network

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MARR/158/2013/DOI. 2013, 15th February. European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). In framework of activity 8.2: Building of the Malopolska position in European Networks.

Project implementation period: 2013, July - 2015, December

Partners of the project:
1. Malopolska Regional Development Agency, Krakow, Poland
2. Malopolska Voivodeship, Krakow, Poland
3. The Baltic International Academy, Riga, Latvia
4. The Lviv Chamber of Commerce, Lviv, Ukraine
5. Viktoria Foundation for Knowledge and Technologies for Small and Medium Business

The opening of Economic Representative Office of Malopolska in BIA - 14.05.2014.

Business in Malopolska – Partnership Network

Business in Malopolska Centre is implementing another project co-funded by the European Union (Malopolska Regional Operational Programme 2007-2013): Business in Malopolska Partnership Network.
Malopolska Regional Development Agency as a Project Leader, together with a local partner - Malopolska Province, plans to directly promote business cooperation between Malopolska and regions of Russia, Latvia and Ukraine.

Malopolska, as the first of Polish regions will have a foreign network of economic "representatives". It is possible due to its participation in Business in Malopolska – Partnership Network project implemented by experienced business organisations operating in partner countries:
Lviv: Lviv Chamber of Commerce and Industry,
Kaliningrad: Victoria Foundation for Knowledge and Technologies for SME,
Riga: Baltic International Academy.
The practical goal of the project is to ensure a constant flow of data between business-related institutions and companies, facilitating direct access to companies and establishing long-term international trade links. The main task of Malopolska representatives is to provide information on local markets, search business partners and increase confidence in the network of businesses involved in the project.
The project assumes mutual visits in the regions, publications on the business environment in Poland, Russia, Latvia and Ukraine and creating an online B2B platform.
The project is part of a broad framework of Malopolska international cooperation and fulfils the provisions of its inter-regional agreements, including those concluded with Lviv Oblast (Ukraine), Latgale region (Latvia) and recently Sverdlovsk Oblast (Russia).
Business in Malopolska – Partnership Network project was granted with more than PLN 1.5 million from the Malopolska Regional Operational Programme - Action 8.2, "Building Malopolska position in European Cooperation Networks" and will be implemented by mid-2015.

How to prepare a perfect business offer?
Do you want to make new business contacts? Do you want to promote your products or services in foreign markets? Do you want to expand your business? Join the international network of cooperating companies from Poland, Latvia, Ukraine and Russia. Our representatives in Riga, Lviv and Kaliningrad wait for your questions and offers.
Business in Malopolska Centre will advise you the best and most efficient methods for presenting your company in order to establish and maintain successful business contacts.
Piotr Radew
Chief Export Officer of the Malopolska Regional Development Agency

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