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  Library Rules
    1. Any BIA student who has paid for training in the current semester may be a library user. Borrowing books and admission to the reading rooms are permitted only on presentation of a valid student’s ID Card.

    2. No more than two units of BIA editions may be borrowed at a time. The period of borrowing should not exceed 2 weeks.

    3. The use of periodicals and normative documents is permitted only in the library reading rooms.

    4. The books with the accession numbers, which are available in the library in the amount of more than one copy, can be borrowed by BIA students for the period of 3-7 days. Only one unit of such book per person is permitted.

    5. The fine of 0,14ˆ per every day of delay should be paid for overdue return of the borrowed book. Borrowing other books is not permitted until the fine is paid.

    6. In case of damage or loss of a borrowed book BIA library user should pay the fine or bring (buy) an equivalent book.


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