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  Doctoral Study program “Legal Science” Tel.: +37167100666
  1. 1. Study program profile
Programme: Legal Science
Type: Doctoral Degree Studiese
Degree to be obtained: Dr.iur.
Length: 3 – 4 years (6 – 8 terms)
Language: English or English
Requirements relating to previous education Academic or professional master's degree in law or a comparable education

  1. 2. Data about the accreditation

The Latvian Ministry of Education and Science accredits a doctoral study “Legal Science”. Accreditation term 6 years until the 2019th year 4th June.

  1. 3. Place of implementation

The program is implemented in Riga.

  1. 4. Language

Studies are in Latvian. Guest lecturers from other countries also participate in the study program, because part of the study programs is carried out in other languages (with or without translation).

  1. 5. Qualification

Law doctorate degree in legal science (Dr.iur.)

The program aims to prepare qualified specialists in the study and research, the specialists who can work in public institutions and other bodies, which require a high level of legal knowledge; these specialists are to be required by the society, and these specialists should fit international standards of competence in legal science and should have a doctoral degree.

  1. 6. Content of doctoral program

Doctoral program consists of several compulsory parts: acquiring of theoretical knowledge as well as acquiring of scientific and teaching skills and competencies, which will form a basis for independent scientific research that will contribute to the development of legal science. It provides an opportunity for a more extensive and thorough study of doctoral research areas.

You can select one of four specializations: civil rights, international law, criminal law or Forensic Science.

  1. 7. Contact

Phone: +37167100666
Lomonosova 1, 212,
Program Director - prof., Dr.iur. S.Kaija

  1. Graduaters

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