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  European Economy and Business Tel.: +37167100628
  1. 1. Program description
Title of the program European Economy and Business
Directions of enhanced study European economy
Business economics
Higher vocational education Diploma of higher vocational education of the 2 level
Code of program 42310
Program duration 4 academic years (8 semesters) - full-time program of study (day and evening departments)
4, 5 academic years (9 semesters) - Part-time program (on Saturdays)
Matriculation requirements General secondary education, vocational secondary education, higher education
Awarded degree Professional Bachelor degree in Entrepreneurship
Qualification Economist
Vocational qualification of the 5 level
Language of instruction Latvian, English-Latvian

  1. 2. Details of the license and accreditation

Study program «European Economy and Business » accreditation LR IZM Nr. 37 till 23.05.2019.

  1. 3. Place of the study program

The study program is realized in Riga

  1. 4.Study language:

Latvian, English-Latvian. The program lessons are conducted by Professors, assoc. Professors, docent, lecturers and specialists from Latvia and other countries.

  1. 5. Description of profession

The demands of the labor market are rapidly rising, and a modern economist must have in-depth knowledge of economic, financial, analytical, advisory and organizational fields, so that correctly navigate the dynamics of economic processes in Latvia and in the European Union. It is the abilities to manage economic processes and resources of a company with a view of their effective use, to plan and forecast economic activity, to adapt to rapidly changing business environment, that will be the determining factors of competitiveness of a young specialist on the European labor market. And if we add to this the knowledge of foreign languages and modern computer technology together with the ability to work in a team - we will get the portrait of a modern economist of the European level, and it is exactly the education of such specialists that our program is focused on.

The graduates of our program obtain a range of competencies that enable them to create their own business, or work successfully in business organizations leading and managing departments and services in the areas of banking and finance, commerce and tourism, insurance and IT technologies. Our graduates can work in the offices of international companies operating in the territory of Latvia, and in business structures of the European Union. This is confirmed by our graduates successful careers both in Latvia and abroad (the United Kingdom, Scotland, Norway, Iceland, etc.), who have found employment in the banking, finance and insurance spheres, in tax administration offices, and other spheres of business activity, or created and run their own companies.

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  1. 6. Table of contents and specific of study program

The study program offers depth training economists entrepreneurs in the field of European businesses, which determines the specificity and difference of our program from programs-analogues of other universities.

There are all necessary conditions for a successful acquisition of the program:

  • A team of competent teachers, not only professors and doctors of sciences, but also qualified practitioners with experience in entrepreneurship and business consulting.
  • All necessary facilities and resources: our students have comfortable lecture halls, study rooms and computer labs, as well as a well-stocked library at their disposal.
  • The languages of instruction are Latvian and English, which increases opportunities of future professionals: they will easily adapt to any multilingual environment.
  • You will study and learn in a variety of ways, you will be engaged in interactive and problem-oriented lectures, trainings, self-study, and solution of practical tasks for real life firms in the real life context. You will take part in student conferences, debates, round tables and seminars.
  • The life of our students is not restricted to study only. Our students try themselves in creative arts, take part in the activities of the Student parliament, (SP), spend their summers in the student summer camps, communicate with experts and students from other countries, and venture into scientific research.
  • We offer various forms of education: full-time, part-time, day, night and on one-day-a-week basis (only on Saturdays, which is especially convenient for students who combine study with work).
  • We have extensive international contacts, which make it possible for students to participate in international exchange programs, such as ERASMUS, international student conferences and to intern in companies abroad.
  • Bachelor's degree entitles our graduates to continue their education in academic or professional master's degree program, and then launch in academic educational activity or work in the business sphere in management positions that require education at the level not lower than the master's degree.

Summer school.
Together with the direction of "Psychology" and in collaboration with foreign universities, organized a summer school, in Latvia and abroad.

  1. 7. Contact
Director of the study program, Dr. sc.eng., Zh.Tsaurkubule
Assistant of Program Director Julia Mahmudova
+371 67100628
Lomonosova, 4, Riga, Latvia Room 204

Reception time
Tuesdays: 14:00-16:00
Thursdays: 16:00-18:00

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