The 1st level higher
 professional education
 Small and medium tourism
 business management
 Еnvironmental design
 Professional bachelor
 Financial Management
 Translation and
 Culture management
 Public Relations
 Tourism management and
 hospitality business
 Digital visualization
 The 2nd level higher
 professional education
 Business Administration
 European Business School
 Academic bachelor
 European Study
 Programming and
 Computer design
 Master programme
 International finance
 Business management and
 Private law
 Human resources management
 European study
 Strategic management of communication in the leisure and entertainment industry.
 Doctoral programme
 Regional economics and
 economic policy
 Doctoral Study
 program Legal Science

  Financial Management
Programme: Financial Management
Type: Complete study programme
Degree to be obtained: Bachelor
Length: Full-time – 4 years (8 terms)
Language: Russian
Fee per year:* 1410 EUR (for EU students) / 1800 EUR (for non-EU students) *
Other information: The payment for the dormitory is starting at 75 Ls (107 EUR). For additional information, or to apply to the programme please contact the Head of Study Programme or see the webpage.
Contacts: Contact person – Ludmila Verovska (Head of Study Programme)
Tel.: (+371) 67100645; e-mail:
* can be changed



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