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  Assistant Psychologist Tel.: +37167100204
  1. 1. Description of the professional bachelor’s study program „Psychology”
Title of the study program Assistant Psychologist
Higher professional education Higher professional education of 2nd level
Code 42310
Duration 4 years (8 terms) – full-time study
4,5 years (9 terms –part-time study
Volume 160 credits
Entrance requirements General secondary, vocational secondary or higher education
Awarded degree Professional bachelor of psychology
Obtained qualification and level of qualification Professional qualification „Assistant Psychologist” of 5th level

  1. 2. License and accreditation

The study program of higher professional education of 2nd level “Psychology” is licensed and accredited. After the successful acquisition of the study program the graduates receive the state recognized diploma.

Accreditation of the program is valid till 18.09.2019.

  1. 3. Location of the study program implementation

The program is implemented in Riga and at BIA branches in Liepaya, Daugavpils and Yelgava.

  1. 4. Language of instruction

The study program is implemented in three languages

  • Latvian
  • English.

Students form streams according to the language of instruction. In some cases they can choose the language of instruction as certain subjects are taught in any of these languages.

  1. 5. Obtained qualification

Students who have successfully completed the study program are granted a professional bachelor’s degree and qualification of „Assistant Psychologist”, which corresponds to the State standard of professional higher education of 2nd level, the Profession standard of Assistant psychologist, and satisfies the required professional competencies. The acquired knowledge and skills will allow future professionals to provide psychological support and assistance to people, and to work in different structures, such as schools, organizations, social service structures (crisis centers), the police structures, etc., which increases the competitiveness of the graduates in the labor market.

The study program collaborates with different European Universities (Erasmus). Students have opportunity to train and study in Estonia, Lithuania, Spain, Poland and other European countries.

  1. 6. Special features of the study program content

The study program comprises a number of courses arranged in modules:

  • General education courses - Philosophy, Logic, Sociology, Basics of Pedagogy, etc.
  • Basic study direction courses - General psychology, Biological basis of psyche, History of psychology, Developmental psychology, Social psychology, etc.
  • Specialized courses - Personal growth training, Communication psychology, Communicative training, Training of effective self-representation, Psychophysiology, etc.
  • Practical training – every academic year students apply their theoretical knowledge to practice in internships.
  • Course papers - every academic year students present and defend course papers and at the end of the study program they present and defend the graduation scientific research paper.

Students develop specific professional skills. They will learn:

  • how to establish rapport with a client;
  • how to determine the client’s needs at the interview;
  • how to choose psychological research methods according to the client’s needs;
  • how to make the psychological assessment of a client.

The program provides opportunities for students to participate in the annual „International applied conference of young researchers and students”. The conference is held every year in December and welcomes also foreign students to participate. The research papers of conference participants are published in special issues of conference scientific materials.

Every year in October a special event „Days of Psychology” is organized and held in Latvia, in which the students are also active participants.

The students have opportunities to listen to lectures, delivered by foreign specialists.

While acquiring the program the students take part in a variety of personal growth and development training sessions.

  1. Study plan (curriculum) for the bachelor’s program,, Psychology "(full-time)
In details
  1. 8. Campus life

During the whole period of study the students have multiple opportunities to participate in various events organized and conducted by the students themselves.

  1. 9. Contact
Director of the study program, Dr.Psych. Ludmila Kaļiņņikova
Lomonosova 4, Room 201
Ph.: +371 67100204

Study program “Psychology” administrative staff reception hours:
Tuesday: 14:00 – 16:00
Thursday: 16:00 – 18:00


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