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 - Election
 Doctoral Dissertation Committee
 - Composition of the Doctoral Dissertation Committee
 - Regulations
 - Oral Examination of the Doctoral Dissertation
 - Scientific Research at BIA
 - Joint Scientific Research with Podlaska Academy
 - EU grants
  Research of Ph.D. Students
  - Regional Economy and Economic Policies
  - Legal Studies
 - Scientific
 - Student
 - Summer Schools
 - Main Publications
 - Mobility of Academic Staff
  Study Centers and Laboratories
 - European Center of EU
 - German Language Center
 - Russian Language Center
 - Center for Multidisciplinary Research
 - Scientific-Research Laboratory
 - Business in Malopolska Partnership Network
  Scientific Research Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities
  - Structure
  - Main Areas of Research
  - Grants


Sample of presentation for Doctoral Thesis.


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