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BIA Professional Bachelorís Program in Public Relations
BIA Multidisciplinary Research Centre

Fifteen years ago the BIA professional study program Enterpreneurship began to explore public relations subjects. Gradually, it was concluded that studentsí profound interest in marketing, public relations (PR), advertising and the acquired academic experience of the Academy provided grounds for establishing a completely new program - the program in Public Relations.
Seven year ago such program was developed in accord with Latvian Professional Standards for Public Relations Managers and following recommendations of international PR bodies. The study program code is 4234202. The BIA study program Public Relations has been licensed and accredited by 2014. Upon the successful completion of the program, students receive a state-recognized diploma. The awarded degree is the Professional Bachelorís degree in Marketing an the qualification is that of a Public Relations manager.
The quality of any study program correlates with scientific research undertaken by academic staff of that program. To facilitate and enhance the quality of research conducted at the program and having considered the aspects outlined in Table 1 below, the Program Council has set a general framework for research activities within the theme of PR and integrated marketing communications in territorial marketing.


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