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Reading halls:

Subscribe and reading rooms with open-end funds:

Jurisprudence: International Law, European Law, Constitutional Law, Civil Law and Procedure, Criminal Law and Procedure; Family, Inheritance, Contracts, Customs, Labor, Land, Environmental Law.

Economy: Economic theory, Macro-and Microeconomics, Management, Marketing, Project Management, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Banking, Taxes, International Economics, Personnel Management, Insurance.

Psychology. Society. Politics: Philosophy, Logic, Political Science; Public Relations, Communications, Sociology, Social Psychology, Social Work, Psychology, Education.

Art. Cultural Studies. Translation:History, Art, Architecture, Design, Interior Design, Culture, Literature, Journalism, Linguistics, Ethics, Aesthetics, Music, Religion.

Information centers of the library:

Latvian information center: history, science, ethnography, literature, theatre, culture, art (Latvian and Russian language).

Information centre of the Nordic states: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland: dictionaries and textbooks on the languages of these countries; history; literature in the original languages; magazines.

Reading room of the book collection of the House of Russian abroad named after Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn: foreign literature and literary criticism.

Information centre of the European Union: European history, EU politics, integration of the EU, EU law and EU economy (English and Latvian language).

German information center “Deutsches Zentrum Informations”: history, politics, culture of Germany in German language.

Russian center: history, art, culture of Russia, art literature, movies and music in Russian.

Rare books reading room: publication of the XIX, beginning of XX centuryon the Russian history, and the encyclopedia of Brockhaus and Efron, the works of William Shakespeare and Friedrich Schiller, published in the 20-30-ies of XX century in Riga.


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