International Week


 Erasmus+ academic mobility
 programme between
 Partner Higher Educational
 Competition for participation
 in ERASMUS+ programme
 with Partner Countries and
 selection of the participants
 Language courses
 Health insurance
 Entry requirements and visas
 Samples of documents and
 forms for filling:
 For Lecturers
 For Students

 Scientific work
 English Language center
 Photo gallery
 Admission committee
 General information for students

 Financial support for students
 Learning facilities
 Language courses
 Facilities for special needs students
 Cost of living
 Student associations
 Student affairs office
 International programmes
 Practical information for mobile students

  For Lecturers
Before Mobility

Application for participation in the mobility

Staff Mobility for Teaching Mobility Agreement

Financial (Grant) agreement

Guarantee statement

Programme of Lecture/-s for Teachers

During Mobility

Application for extension of the period of teaching

After Mobility

Internal Summary Report Form for the Stuff Mobility

Letter of Comfirmation

Certificate of Attendance


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