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  Летние школы
Уважаемые студенты старших курсов, магистранты, докторанты!
Академия получила приглашение на участие в международной молодежной летней школе – 2017, на тему «Евразийский экономический союз и Европейский союз: в поиске modus vivendi», которая пройдет в Ленинградской области с 9 по 14 июля 2017 года, мероприятие будет проводиться на базе Северо-Западного института управления РАНХиГС, в учебно-образовательном центре «Академия» (УОЦ «Академия»).
Для участия в школе необходимо отправить на адрес :
- ЭССЕ (не более 1-1,5 стр) на тему "Евразийский экономический союз и Европейский союз: в поиске modus vivendi".
Заявки принимаются до 9 июня 2017 г.
Результаты конкурса будут известны 19 июня.

Балтийская Международная академия (БМА) – крупнейший русскоязычный ВУЗ Балтии – в 2017 году празднует свой юбилей – 25-летие со дня основания! Руководство БМА, отмечая это знаковое событие, приняло решение приурочить к нему проведение двух Летних школ: «AVcom.3-BSA-Latvija, 2017» с 27 июня 2017 по 06 июля 2017 и с 30 июня 2017 по 09 июля 2017 - «TerMarCom2-BSA-Latvija, 2017».

European Academy of Diplomacy
MARCH 2017
Do not miss an opportunity to take part in international programs, organized by European Academy of Diplomacy! Spring School of Diplomatic Skills and European Diplomacy Workshop: EU Foreign Policy Analysis are perfect occasions for advanced students or young professionals to develop abilities useful in current or future careers in diplomacy, public institutions, NGOs, academia or business.

Spring School of Diplomatic Skills
20 - 24 March 2017

5 days of interactive workshops to hone your communication skills:
- Public Speaking, Effective Meetings, Written Communication
- Public Diplomacy and Social Media
- Negotiations with elements of cultural differences and many others.

European Diplomacy Workshop: EU Foreign Policy Analysis
27 March - 1 April 2017

6 days of in-depth analysis of the EU Foreign Policy:
- EU external relations and decision making, functioning of EEAS
- Relations with Russia, MENA region, Balkans, response to migration crisis
- Workshops: Public Speaking, Policy Analysis

Institute for Peace & Dialogue, IPD is one of the leading organiser of several successful annual international academic trainings and research programs in Switzerland in the field of peacebuilding, conflict transformation, mediation, security, intercultural dialogue and human rights which these events bring together state, private and public sector representatives.
Its pleasure for us to invite you to join the next 10-20 Days International Summer Academy and 3 Month CAS-Research Program which will be held in Switzerland.
During the Summer Program 2017 experienced experts of IPD will share with you professional and academic skills about Peacebuilding, Conflict Resolution, Mediation, Security, Intercultural Dialogue & Human Rights topics. This year we include also 1 day to trip Zurich City for Sightseeing and have lunch together.
Depends from the opportunities in the filled application participants can choose either 10 or 20 days summer program or you can stay for 3 month period as a researcher.
VII International Summer Academy: 11 - 19 August, 2017 (10 Days)
VIII International Summer Academy: 20 - 29 August, 2017 (10 Days)
The main goal of the 10-20 days Summer Academy is to strengthen the skills of the representatives of state organisations, business sector, INGOs/NGOs, education institutions, religious organisations, independent mediators and politicians through institutional global academic education in peacebuilding, mediation, conflict resolution, security and intercultural dialogue.
Deadline for Applications: 01 June, 2017
Please note that there have early registration and reduced fee amount payment deadline till the 01 May, 2017
Program Link:

3 Month CAS - Research Program: 11 August - 08 November, 2017 (90 Days)
The main goal of the 3 Month CAS-Research Program is to develop the research skills of the participants and to closely acquaintance them with relevant Swiss state, public and private Institutes.
Deadline for Applications: 01 June, 2017
Please note that there have early registration and reduced fee amount payment deadline till the 01 May, 2017
Program Link:

Please be note that there have still available places to be part of Winter Academy during the 17-26 February, 2017
To be participant please fill the application placed in the web page
Program Link:

Participation Procedure Step by Step:
Submitting filled application in WORD format, CV + scanned passport page till the Deadline
Participant will receive Invoice to start the payment of the requested participation fee amount
After receiving the participation fee, participant will receive the unconditional letter via email and if there is required visa application process IPD will send invitation letter by post and also to the relevant embassy by email or fax.
We strongly advice to the participants to submit the filled application as soon as it`s possible, who needs visa to enter Switzerland and who needs more financial documentation in the work place for his/her participation.
Scholarship: IPD offer several type of scholarship support to reduce the participation fee amount for most needed potential participants from all over the world counties.
If you wish to get discounted participation fee amount, please write your request briefly via email before or during the application submission period.
Unfortunately IPD scholarship sources do not cover all the participation fee amount and international travel expenses and we only could offer you discounted fee amount.
Partnership: We are interesting to receive group participants from your Institution and will be glad to discuss the partnership suggestions.
If you will be any more questions or suggestions, please feel free to write us by email to
We are looking forward to see you in Switzerland!
IPD Academic Programs: Theory - Practice - Research - Exchange - Networking - Contribute

International Summer Academies

Международная юридическая Олимпиада "Молодежь за мир"

Students’ Union at the Warsaw School of Economics (SGH) to provide you with information for our 2016 Summer University Warsaw Program (SUW). SGH is ranked as the best University in Poland and is a member of the Community of European Management Schools and International Companies (CEMS).
The SUW program is organized by SGH and the Student’s Union. The program is conducted entirely in English and encourages participation of international students. The program will take place July 4-15, 2016.
The 2016 program topic is broadly defined as “Building competitive advantage of a business on the market of Central Europe.”. While participating in the program students will attend lectures taught by prominent professors of the University.
I have provided with this letter a package with more information about the program. As well you may refer to the programs official website:
I would appreciate you forwarding the enclosed materials to any students of your University who may be interested in participating in this amazing opportunity.

Летняя школа "AVProduct-BSA,Latvija,2016" c 30 июня 2016 по 09 июля 2016.

Summer schools 2015 in Prague

Летние школы "AVcom -BSA-Latvija, 2015" и "JournCom-BSA-Latvija, 2015"

Summer University 2015 in Thailand: Entrepreneurship in Asia

Summer School Poland 2015

В 2015 году Латвия примет эстафету президентства в Евросоюзе от Италии, а Рига станет столицей стран Евросоюза – мирового центра политических, деловых и межкультурных комуникаций. Руководство Балтийской Международной академии (БМА) – крупнейшего русскоязычного ВУЗа Балтии, высоко оценивая это знаковое событие, приняло решение приурочить к нему проведение двух Зимних школ: «AVcom -BSA-Latvija, 2015» с 26 января 2015 по 06 февраля 2015 и «CultCom-BSA-Latvija, 2015» с 27 января 2015 по 07 февраля 2015. Общая цель школы «AVcom -BSA-Latvija, 2015» – поделиться накопленным опытом подготовки студентов в области новейших фото-, аудио- и видеотехнологий для деловых коммуникаций, в частности, – для рекламы и Паблик Рилейшнз.

Invitation to the School of Diplomatic Skills | July 2014

2014 Summer University Warsaw Program (SUW)

Международная студенческая научно-практическая школа «Маркетинговые коммуникации в туризме»

Студенческая научно--практическая летняя школа PR--BSA--LATVIJA, 2014.
В 2014 году Рига официально названа Культурной столицей Европы – мирового центра межкультурных коммуникаций.
В этой связи крупнейший русскоязычный ВУЗ Балтии –Балтийская Международная академия (БМА) – проводит с 20 по 28 июня Летнюю школу PR-BSA-Latvija, 2014!

Prague Summer School “Banking and Financial Management 2013” offers wideranging excurse to the latest developments in finance and banking, financial institutions by discovering proven standards, advanced management tools, and valuable experiences.

The Economic Research Center (ERC) has launched its internship program to provide an opportunity for students to apply their economic knowledge in practice and to develop their communication, research and professional skills.
We are looking for interns for two positions: Research Assistant and External Relations. The duration of both internships is two months and both internship positions are non-paid.
Students studying in the last year of bachelor’s degree and/or the first and the second year of the Masters are welcome to apply to the ERC Internship Program.

The Summer School in Empirical Research Methods (SSERM) at the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland, is a new and high-calibre 2-week integrated programme teaching on methodology for PhD and Master students from leading universities all over the world.
The SSERM offers an attractive course-based learning atmosphere on different aspects of empirical research. Participants can choose from different courses offered as block seminars by international renowned lecturers.

The EMI Training Academy is a course for students interested in European affairs who want to broaden their knowledge of the EU and discover the reality of working in Brussels?
Be it in the Jnstitutions, lobbies, think tanks, youth organizations or NGO`s.

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