2020-2021 Spring E-Orientation Webinar!

2020-2021 Spring E-Orientation Webinar!

2020-2021 Spring E-Orientation Webinar!

Dear international students!

We invite you to take part in 2020-2021 Spring E-Orientation Webinar!

The webinar will be held on February 11, 2021 at 12 p.m. (Latvian time).

It is a great opportunity to meet other international students and members of the Academy’s administrative staff. Your participation is important to help you to be acquainted with Latvia and the Baltic International Academy, to succeed in your studies, as well as your exam session, to receive information on entering Latvia, organisation of studies in 2020-2021 Spring term and practical information.

The meeting will be organized in a remote mode due to the extension of the state of emergency in Latvia until April 6, 2021. Your participation in the webinar is crucially important for your future studies and may be necessary for confirmation of your attendance at the Latvian Embassy, Diplomatic and Consular missions abroad, for your visa obtaining or your entry into Latvia and continuing your studies remotely in 2020-2021 Spring term.

Preliminary agenda

You can join the webinar in our Moodle system through your login and password.

To sign in e-learning system, you need the following information:
LOGIN – the student agreement number with the BIA (the letters of the contract are small) (for example: ri0a0000);
PASSWORD – number of student agreement with BIA in capital letters with the addition of bsa-(dash) before it (eg: bsa-RI0A0000).

Duration: approximately one hour and 40 minutes

Time Activity
2-3 min. Welcome and introduction

Inta Buka, Vice-rector for International Cooperation

10 min. Virtual tour of Latvia and its top destinations
5 min. Virtual visit to our Academy
5-7 min. Visa and Immigration Issues/Matters

Jelena Uzbekova, Coordinator of the Visa Department

Information on entering Latvia in 2020-2021 Spring term, your visa, temporary residence permits and ID renewal process, deadlines for visa, temporary residence permits and ID renewal, permission for work during and after your studies, assistance in filling out applications for OCMA, necessity of information providing in case of changes in your place of residence in Latvia, information submission in case of exmatriculation, prolonging your temporary residence permit or ID in an academic leave, registration in OCMA during COVID pandemic

5 min. Questions session
15 min. Organisation of studies during 2020-2021 Spring term

Inta Buka, Vice-rector for International Cooperation

Svetlana Polovko, Head of the Distance Learning Centre


Organisation of studies, schedule, lectures, attendance, assessment, examinations, academic leaves, academic debts, providing information for the Latvian governmental institutions, academic debts/exams re-taken session, exmatriculation based on academic debts, transcripts of records and other confirming documentation related to study process, system “My BIA” and information on study available in this system will be addressed


How to join the Moodle system, what to do if you cannot find yourself in the list of students, what to do if you cannot connect to a study course or could not find necessary materials in the Moodle system, where you can find online materials and exam tasks, is it essential to attend online lectures

5 min. Questions session
15 min. Practical information

Inta Buka, Vice-rector for International Cooperation


Language, religions, national holidays, weather, hotlines and emergency, health insurance and medical institutions, public transport and students’ monthly cards, rules that you must follow in Latvia and during COVID pandemic, currency, banks, Wi-Fi and telephones, student cards – ISIC, necessary safety measures during 2020-2021 Spring Term, rights and duties of international students, What is good to know about your studies additionally? Support, advice and guidance during your studies

5 min. Questions session
10 min. Other questions


Latvian Scholarship, Students’ Union, participation in the ERASMUS+ exchange programme, practical issues and your suggestions, questionnaires, etc.