Contest of public initiatives “How to equip our cities”

Contest of public initiatives “How to equip our cities”

Contest of public initiatives “How to equip our cities”

Welfare of the country begins with order in the city, in the streets, in the houses. The newspaper “SEGODNYA”, the portal and Baltic International Academy are organizing an open platform, where proposals for the improvement and ordering everyday life in cities and villages of our republic will be published.

This is about possible improvements in various areas – infrastructure, ecology, public relations, transport, education, etc.

We are not going to turn rivers back, manually patch up ozone holes, or send spacecrafts to roam the universe in search of intelligence that will make life in Latvia more comfortable. We can do it ourselves!

Therefore, within the framework of the contest “How to equip our cities” we invite pupils, students, teachers, as well as other interested residents of Latvia and its guests, to share their constructive ideas.

Where to send your thoughts

The contest period is from January 1 to July 1, 2021. The texts has be sent to the portal – [email protected]. The volume of the text is up to 5000 characters. The texts are accepted in Latvian, Russian and English.

The best materials will be published to the portals and, as well as in the newspaper “SEGODNYA and Baltic International Academy home page (


Once a month, the jury will select the most interesting proposal and award its author. The amount of the award is 50 euro.

However, Baltic International Academy (BIA) has prepared prizes to be awarded at the end of the competition:

  1. First place – one-year scholarship to study at BIA;
  2. Second place – 30% discount for a year of study;
  3. Third place – 20% discount for a year of study;


Co-Chairs of the jury:

  • chief editor of the newspaper “SEGODNYA” Andrey Shvedov
  • member of the board of BIA, professor Valery Nikiforov.


  • Professor Oksana Filina;
  • Professor Marina Gunare;
  • Press-secretary of BIA Pyotr Antropov;
  • Pavel Kirillov, deputy editor-in-chief of the portal.

Good luck!