Financial Management

Financial Management

Programme Advantages

Training of highly qualified financial experts with necessary knowledge, skills and competencies who are able to implement their professional activities against the backdrop of innovative economy in the field of finance in the Latvian and international labour markets.

  • Financial Expert is a specialist who operates with finances. For him/her, money is not just the amount in the account or the number of paper notes, but a resource that can and should be effectively used;
  • Financial Expert is engaged in monetary operations of various scopes and degrees of difficulty, manages capital, and regulates project financing. This is a person who helps an organization, company, or even an individual competently manage money as a resource;
  • Financial Expert has deep knowledge in several fields: from mathematical models of effective investment to all the nuances and pitfalls of tax legislation;
  • Financial Expert is one of the most prestigious and highly paid professions of our time. This is not surprising, since the goal of any commercial organisation or company is to increase capital;
  • Financial Expert is a profession for people with pronounced analytical abilities who are not afraid of responsibility, have a professional intuition, are able to think strategically and keep a stiff upper lip.

Please, remember! Business processes, technologies, techniques – everything is changing so fast in a modern dynamic world that it is not enough for a successful professional to have basic knowledge to climb the career ladder and earn stable income. Education and in-depth training throughout the career is the only way to preserve occupational aptitude and reach career heights.

Acquired skills:

  • Management of corporate financial flows;
  • Control of corporate income/expenses while ensuring efficient use of resources;
  • Tax planning for entrepreneurial activities;
  • Strategic planning of the corporate financial policy;
  • Analysis and mitigation of potential commercial risks;
  • Supervision of corporate activities in accordance with applicable laws;
  • Preparation of financial statements (including IFRS);
  • Financial and economic analysis of corporate activities;
  • Control of accounting and financial activities.

Career opportunity

Graduates of the programme may:

  • Work as heads of financial departments, financial managers, chief accountants in a commercial and non-profit organisations, banks, insurance companies and investment funds;
  • Work as hired accountants or provide accounting and consulting services to individuals and legal entities in outsourcing and consulting companies;
  • Render accounting and consulting services as individual merchants or self-employed persons.

Programme content:

  • General education disciplines: Logic and Rhetoric, Philosophy, Theory and Methodology of Scientific Work, Advanced Mathematics and Probability Theory, Sociology, Psychology, Business Communication (NEW!) and Professional Ethics (NEW!);
  • Theoretical basic courses – Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Management, Economic Statistics, Business Economics, Public Finance, Banks and Monetary System, Basics of Law, Commercial Law, Labour Law, Digital Documentation (NEW!)
  • Financial disciplines – Corporate Finance, Financial Planning, Financial Management, Financial Analysis, Project Management, Business Appraisal, Financial Instrument Market, Risk Management, Investment Management, International Finance and Financial Institutions;
  • Accounting, taxes and auditing – Basics of Accounting, Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Taxes and Duties, International Financial Reporting Standards, Audit and Internal Control, Digital Accounting (NEW!);
  • Information technology disciplines – Business Computer Science, Electronic Document Management, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Finance (NEW!), Big Data Analysis (NEW!), Business Modelling (NEW!).

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Programme Director  Zhanna Chernoshtan
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