Entrepreneurship management

Entrepreneurship management

Advantages of the program

The uniqueness of the curriculum lies in its content, since mastering of this program allows graduates to acquire not only professional competencies in business management, taking into account the specifics of doing business in Europe, but also other competencies, for example, in social management and social entrepreneurship.

Competencies acquired

Graduates of the study program are able to fulfill the professional tasks of a business manager and find innovative solutions using acquired knowledge and skills; to work out a business development strategy and implement an effective business model, to develop and manage projects, to organize and manage the human, informational and financial resources and processes necessary for doing business, to evaluate business performance and use it for making decisions within the framework of the professional competence of a business manager.

Career opportunities

The acquiring of the study curriculum of the given study program will allow its graduates to work in commercial companies, as well as to create their own company and / or continue their Master studies.

Content of the study program

During the first two years of their studies, students master compulsory subjects, thereby forming a consistent development of the fundamentals of the theory of business management, the laws of development of science, the basic principles and methodology of various fields of research. During the third and fourth year of their studies, students master mainly subjects of professional choice, which complement the understanding of various industries and sub-sectors of economics and entrepreneurship, and at the end of their training students defend their bachelor’s thesis.


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