Important information!

Student  have to book a hostel by himself and provide to Academy rental agreement or written confirmation of booking.

There are a number of options for foreign students arriving in Riga. Foreign students can live in dormitories, student hotels, hostels, rent a room or a flat.

The cost of accommodation depends on the level of offered amenities and the number of people living in one room, e.g.

  • basic amenities – around 140-200, EUR /month;
  • better living conditions – 200-300 EUR/month;
  • the cost of accommodation in a private flat – 7-15 EUR/m2.

The Baltic International Academy offers the following student hotels:

  • Hotel “TOMO”
  • Hostel “Mavadi”
  • Hotel “PRIMA”


Apart Hotel “Tomo”

Long-term rent of rooms and apartaments for students near the center of Riga in multifunctional Hotel – „Apart Hotel TOMO” with the ability to self-isolate and declare the place of residence.

All utilities are included in the price for any type of room/flat. Price also includes wifi, using common kitchens on the floors common laundries, security area.

Address: 44 Raunas street, Riga, LV – 1039

To make a reservation, you must pay a guarantee amount in the amount of one month’s stay, after receiving the guarantee amount, the Hotel will send a booking confirmation. To return the deposit, you must write an application 30 days before leaving.

  1. Furnished room.

270.00 EUR per month (if only one person rents)
160.00 EUR from each person/ per month (if two persons rent)
One-month deposit, that brings back after the end of lease

Bed linen is not included in the rate and can be rented at an additional cost of 7 EUR, which is will then automatically charged to your bill. If possible, please inform the Hotel in advance if you need bed linen.

In the room:

  • Two separated beds
  • Wardrobe
  • Two stands
  • Safe
  • TV
  • Table
  • Two chairs
  • Isolated bathroom
  1. Room with kitchen.

290.00 EUR per month (if only one person rents)
170.00 EUR from each person/ per month (if two persons rent)
One-month deposit, that brings back after the end of lease

In the room:
• Two separated beds
• Wardrobe
• Two stands
• Safe
• TV
• Table
• Two chairs
• Isolated bathroom
• Kitchen
• Fridge

  1. Two-roomed flat

280.00 EUR per month
One-month deposit, that brings back after the end of a lease
Electricity bills every month

In the room:
• Two separated rooms
• One big bed
• Wardrobe
• Two stands
• Safe
• TV
• Table
• Four chairs
• Isolated bathroom
• Kitchen
• Fridge

Price also includes:
• Using common kitchens on the 3, 4, 5 floors
(equipped with microwave oven, multivark, infrared oven, cooker)
• Using common laundries on the 3, 4, 5 floors
• Security area

When using the shared kitchen, you must have your own utensils; the kitchen has only a shared refrigerator, microwave, kettle. It is prohibited to store dishes in the kitchen.

It is possible to rent a small fridge in the room for an additional fee of 10 euros per month, which is automatically included in subsequent invoices for accommodation, the amount can be divided for two persons. If you buy it yourself, there is an additional electricity charge of € 10 per month.

In addition, homely café is located at the territory of the Hotel.

For any further information contact:
Tel: +371 24799592
E-mail: [email protected]


Hostel Mavadi

Security deposit only 100 EUR and your place will be reserved for you.

  • Address: MAVADI Hostel, Jekabpils iela 5, Rīga.
  • Phone: (+371) 20468693
    Location: Great location – 10 min to city center; 5 min walk to the bus stop; in walking distance to BSA.
  • Details: An amazing opportunity to leave in city center, in newly refurbished apartment for an attractive price. Bed place is based in a 2 bedroom apartment, which you will share ONLY with another 2 tenants. No overcrowding in the apartment. No queues to the bathroom. No awaiting time for breakfast preparation. No loud neighbors.
  • Flat facilities: washing machine; spacious kitchen; plenty of cupboards; jacuzzi in a bathroom; new bedding for tenants

Comfortable sofa and rest area in a room. Spacious shared kitchen with 2 fridges, amazing jacuzzi for relaxing, new washing machine, fast Wi-Fi. PRICE INCLUDING UTILITIES.

We offer to our tenants: Free scured parking for tenants; OZO gym in the same building; vibe dance studio

  • Cost: ONLY 165 EUR per month, including utilities (water, electricity, heating, cleaning costs). RENTAL AGREEMENT FOR 12 MONTHS.
  • Reservation: Reservations can be made by sending a request to the e-mail: [email protected]



  • Address: 1 Lauvas street, Riga (5-story brick building). This year the hotel was renovated.
  • Transport: The student hotel is situated straight across the road from the Baltic International Academy. To get to the city center (Central Station), you can use the 15th trolleybus (10-15 minutes).
  • Rooms: Single/Twin/Studio/Studio Twin
  • Furniture: beds, tables, sheets, wardrobe, shoe rack, fridge.
  • Amenities: shower, sink,  toilet in each room. The studios have their own kitchenette and air conditioning.
  • Four spacious shared kitchens are available on the 1st and 3rd floors. The kitchen has two sinks, two ovens, two refrigerators and a microwave oven.
  • Security: 24-hour security.
  • Payment terms: It is possible to book a room for at least 1 month. An advance payment of 1 month is required for this reservation.
  • Additional services: (From September) the building will have common areas to relax, bar & coffee, yoga room, gym, laundry.
  • Prices:
    1. a bed place in a twin room 219 EUR/month;
    2. a whole twin room 429 EUR/month;
    3. single room 349 EUR/month;
    4. a bed place in a studio twin room 269 EUR/month;
    5. a single studio room 499 EUR/month.


Student Hostel “PRIMA”

Address: 10/1 Reznas street, Riga (new 9-storey white building)
Phone: (+371) 67112260
Transport: 5 minute walk to the Academy. Trolleybus No.15 takes you to the City Centre (Central Station) just in 15 minutes.

Allocation: rooms for 1-3 person, in area 11 m2 and 18 m2
Furniture: a table, chairs, beds, wardrobe (there are bunk beds in 11 m2 rooms; and typical beds are in 18 m2 rooms).
Amenities: toilet facilities – shower, sink, flush toilet.
• A kitchen is available on each floor. Kitchens are supplied with a sink, fridge, microwave and electric oven.
Security: the building is monitored by a 24-hour guard.
Additional services: Cafe, gym, computer room and laundry services are not included in the cost of accommodation. Discounts available for these services for student hotel guests.
Terms of payment: Hotel reservations are allocated for a term and at least for 3 months. The advance payment is required for this reservation.
Cost: varies from 180 EUR to 270 EUR depending on the floor and room area. The cost includes the change of bed linen.
Reservation: Reservations can be made on website: or by sending a request to the e-mail [email protected]
Additional information: