Erasmus+ Funding

Erasmus+ Funding

Erasmus+ Funding!!!

The EU has adapted the activities of the Erasmus+ program to support the population forced to move as a result of the war in Ukraine.

Erasmus+ Higher Education Mobility Project Support Options:

  • students who studied at a Ukrainian institution of higher education after leaving Ukraine due to hostilities;
  • recent graduates who graduated from a Ukrainian institution of higher education no more than 12 months before leaving Ukraine due to the war (internship only);
  • members of the faculty and general staff who worked in a Ukrainian higher education institution after they left Ukraine as a result of hostilities;
  • Teachers invited from Ukrainian organizations (not higher education institutions) who left Ukraine due to hostilities.
Funding cannot be provided: To the students who:

  • prior to leaving Ukraine, they were not students of Ukrainian higher education institutions and plan to start studying at Latvian higher education institutions;
  • they have already studied at a Latvian university as a foreign student  since the outbreak of hostilities.
Activities that can be implemented: study, practice (including internships for recent graduates), teaching (including with the involvement of teachers from organizations), advanced training of personnel
Funding for mobility participants: Study and practice:

  • Long-term mobility: EUR 1050.00 per month (EUR 800.00 base funding + EUR 250.00 support for participants with disabilities, to which all students and recent graduates who left Ukraine due to the war are eligible)
  • Short-term mobility: EUR 70.00 per day (until mobility day 14) / (from mobility day 15) + additional support for participants with disabilities – EUR 100.00 (if mobility is 5-14 days) / EUR 150.00 (if the mobility is 15 days or more) for the entire mobility period.
  • Staff training and development: EUR 140.00 per day (if the mobility lasts more than 14 days, the applicable rate is 70% of the daily rate from the 15th day of the mobility)
The procedure and conditions for providing support:
  • The project organizer (higher education institution) informs the National Agency of its desire to take advantage of the opportunity to provide support to those who left Ukraine due to hostilities;
  • Amendments to the funding agreement are mutually signed between the National Agency and the higher education institution, after their signing, the funds allocated for the project can be used to support Ukrainian mobility participants;
  • Higher education institution in accordance with the procedure established by the university and the benefits indicated by the EC, as well as taking into account the funding allocated to them under the project, etc.
  • Funding for the implementation of mobility should be aimed at supporting mobility participants in Ukraine.
  • Funding spent to support Ukrainian mobility participants goes beyond the 20% limit for cooperation with partner countries.

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