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Dear researchers! Dear Baltic International Academy’s science and research partners!

The Academy has become a member and an official contact point of the EURAXESS Latvia network and invites you to join us!

EURAXESS Latvia  is a division of the EURAXESS Worldwide which is a unique researchers and research institutions platform providing up-to-date information, assistance and support services to incoming, outgoing and returning researchers and their families on mobility opportunities and possible career development, incl. information about: research job opportunities, fellowships and grants, administrative and legal issues regarding researchers mobility in all research fields in Europe and such countries and regions as: ASEAN, Latin America, the Caribbean, China, India, Japan, North America,  Australia & New Zealand and Korea.

Additional information about EURAXESS:

EURAXESS contact person at the Academy:

Vice-rector for Science – Doc., Dr. sc. soc. Vladislavs Volkovs
Phone: +37167100229
Email: [email protected]

Join us in our research and science activities, expand your research network, contact with other researchers and participate in different scientific and research events in Latvia and globally!