Incoming exchange

Incoming exchange

This page is for our Partner Universities outside the European Union that have concluded a General Cooperation Agreement and/or an Additional Bilateral Exchange Agreement with the Academy and for their students, who would like to apply for the exchange programme at the Academy.

The Academy has suspended all of the incoming and outgoing mobility due to the spread of COVID-19 pandemic in Latvia until the end of the emergency. Depending on how the situation will develop, we will update information on the exchange on our website in the Internet and Facebook, so please, follow our news!

Both these agreements include exchange opportunities, as well as simplify your application and participation in the exchange programme, simply Additional Bilateral exchange agreements include more detailed and specified information on terms and conditions of such exchange implementation, if your Home University and the Academy express willing to stipulate and specified such conditions additionally to the General Cooperation Agreement or MoU.

Every Additional Bilateral exchange agreement includes specific information as level of studies, allowed number of exchange students per a semester or an academic year, duration of exchange, selection criteria, financial responsibilities, etc., while General Cooperation Agreement only underline possibilities of such an exchange, the terms and conditions of which are discussed, determined and agreed on individually in each specific case. The agreement can include all study programmes of the Academy or be concluded for a definite level of studies, study direction or a study programme. You always can be acquainted with such agreements at the International Department of your University.

Bilateral exchange allows you to internationalize your degree through exchange and study a part of your study programme, usually a semester or an academic year (your total period of exchange may not exceed an academic year within one cycle of study) at the Academy based on the signed General Cooperation Agreement or on the Additional Bilateral Exchange Agreement between your University and our Academy and Individual Learning Agreement usually without paying tuition fees at the Academy.

However, you should continue to pay your tuition fees at your Home University and such an exchange does not cover other expenses connected with your participation in the programme as accommodation, travel, food, insurance, etc., so you should cover them by yourself.

Participation in such exchange programmes includes credit points (ECTS) accumulation and transfer, which is applied towards your degree award at your Home University, so if you prepare your Individual Learning Agreement properly, you will not to extend the period of your studies at your Home University or take and pass study courses that are included in the difference of curricula after the exchange.

Implementation, organization and monitoring of the exchange is carried out by the International Departments of both institutions with the assistance of other structures as directors and deans of study programmes and directions, visa, accounting and study departments.

The Academy offers a range of English-taught study programmes in various study directions at different levels of studies (Bachelor, Master or PhD).

You may be acquainted with our list of study programmes and their descriptions on our website in the Internet by link:

Please note, that as an exchange student you can apply ONLY for the study programmes with English language of instruction!

How does it work?

Fact Sheet 2021/2022 (.pdf)

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