• June 30th, 2021

Covid has made his adjustments to the order of organizing graduation evenings at our academy. The graduates were divided into small groups, and the graduation ceremony was organized on the lawn near the BIA. But the organizers did their best to create a festive and celebratory atmosphere in those circumstances. And the tone was traditionally determined by the performance of the Latvian national anthem.

The first graduation following the June holiday gave bachelor’s and master’s degrees to financiers, economists, business executives and public-relations specialists. BIA Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Zhanna Caurkubule, heads of educational fields and programs Zhanna Chernostana, Julia Mahmudova, Vsevolod Kačan, Boris Heimanis came to give graduates diplomas.

They congratulated the graduates and noted that this graduation evening was a great and unforgettable holiday not only for the owners of the coveted diplomas, but also for academy teachers, parents, and wished the young specialists not to stop.

In response, graduate Yaron Gringauz from Israel said: “I am grateful to the Baltic International Academy, where I mastered the basics of European economics and business and became the owner of a European diploma. I will try to justify the title of BIA graduate with my work.”

In the pictures: March of honor of graduates. The heroes of the occasion are greeted by the Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs of BIA Zhanna Caurkubule, heads of educational areas and programs Zhanna Chernoshtan, Vsevolod Kachan, Boris Heimanis. Zhanna Caurkubule and Julia Mahmudova present their bachelor’s degree to Yaron Gringauz.

Photo by Anastasia Stepanova.

BIA Press Service.