• October 27th, 2021

An interesting literary and educational project “Biblio-Autumn” was developed jointly with the Central Scientific Library of BMA by the head of the educational program management of tourism and hotel business, Professor Marina Gunare. She suggested holding a number of chamber meetings with writers in the academy whose works feature travel and tourism.
This cycle was opened by a woman from Riga, Natalya Polonskaya, who is often published in the popular Moscow publishing house “Eksmo”. Among her works are lyrical guides to Latvia, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Czech Republic. In addition, the writer brought her new book “Three Colors of Happiness” to the meeting with the readers.
An informative conversation over a cup of tea about creativity and travel was interesting and useful. In conclusion, the guest presented her novelty to the BIA Central Scientific Library

In the pictures: Professor Marina Gunare introduces Natalia Polonskaya. Participants of the conversation. The writer presents her new book to the director of the Central Scientific Library Natalia Gratkovskaya.

Photo by Kristina Lahova and Vladimir Starkov.

BIA Press Service