Days of BIA freshmen

Days of BIA freshmen

  • September 13th, 2022

By tradition, the new academic year at Baltic International Academy began with Freshmen Days. They were started by a general meeting of BIA freshmen, which was attended by the heads of the main educational programs and directions.

BIA Vice-Rector for International Affairs Inta Buka, Head of the Admissions Committee Marina Likhushina, Vice-Rector for Scientific work Vladislav Volkov, Head of the “Economics and Finances” department Boris Heimanis, and Head of the “Law” department Irina Tsvetkova congratulated the freshmen on the start of the new academic year. They introduced the new students to the possibilities and features of our academy and wished them a creative and responsible approach to mastering their chosen specialties.

After the meeting, the freshmen took part in a tour around the academy. Modern classrooms, a first-class library, educational centers, computer classes, a student art gallery, and the Vladimir Vysotsky Museum.

As the first-year student Evgeny Maystruk noted after the BIA tour: the first acquaintance with the academy, and a warm welcome from the teachers convinced him that he had chosen the right place to study.

In the picture: Vice-Rector for International Affairs Inta Buka.  BIA freshmen.

Photo by Christina Lyakhova.