Exhibition in memory of Artur Nikitin

Exhibition in memory of Artur Nikitin

  • July 7th, 2022

Great interest among teachers, students and guests of our Baltic International Academy was aroused by the exhibition in memory of the renowned artist, BIA professor Artur NIKITIN, which was organized on the initiative of the chairman of the BIA Senate Stanislav Buka and the curator of the BiArt student gallery Valentin Danilenko.

Professor A. Nikitin is well known at our academy. He taught here and held his personal exhibitions. Two large rooms have been allocated here for the permanent exhibition of his works. A number of them became the basis for the exhibition.

It presents different periods of his creative work, says the organizer of the exhibition Valentin Danilenko. They will remind viewers of this talented, bright personality, laureate of our student gallery. We will miss him.

The exhibition will run until July 27.

In the photos: Exhibition placard. Artur Nikitin and Valentin Danilenko. Self-portrait of Artur Nikitin.