Exhibition of works by Valeria Shuvalova

Exhibition of works by Valeria Shuvalova

  • July 13th, 2022

An older generation of Riga residents remembers well the amazing works of the talented artist Valeria Shuvalova, who passed away in the prime of her life twenty years ago. They remember her “white”, “red” and “black” periods of creative work. And the curator of our BiArt student gallery Valentin Danilenko decided to acquaint his contemporaries with her creative work.

His initiative was supported by Valeria Shuvalova’s mother Lydia and the famous collector from Riga Anatoly Khvoinitsky. They provided paintings from their collections for a personal exhibition. And now lecturers, students and guests of the Baltic International Academy enjoy this exhibition.

When opening the exhibition, the Chairman of the BIA Senate Stanislav Buka noted that true art is timeless and it always resonates in the hearts of exhibition visitors.

Valeria Shuvalova’s mother cordially thanked the board of the academy, the curator of the BiArt student gallery Valentin Danilenko, the collector Anatoly Khvoinitsky for organizing this exciting exhibition, which will acquaint the audience with the creative work of her daughter.

The exhibition is located in the BIA educational building at Lomonosova Street 1/4 and will run until the end of July.

In the photos: Portrait of Valeria Shuvalova. Stanislav Buka, Valentin Danilenko, Anatoly Khvoinitsky open the exhibition. The Chairman of the Senate Stanislav Buka presents the Certificate of Gratitude of the BIA to the mother of Valeria Shuvalova.

Photos by Vladimir Starkov.