International Scientific and Practical Conference students and young scientists at BIA

International Scientific and Practical Conference students and young scientists at BIA

International Scientific and Practical Conference students and young scientists at BIA

  • May 28th, 2020

The Baltic International Academy hosted the international scientific-practical conference of young scientists and students “Time of challenges and opportunities: problems, solutions, prospects”. This is a traditional conference that took place in the BIA for the 10 year in a row. It was held on-line in compliance with all the requirements of the emergency regime. Reports and messages were sent in electronic form, and speeches were broadcast on screens created on a special platform on the Internet, which were available to all conference participants using personal computers.

This year the conference was organized by the Baltic International Academy, Sting Academy Czech Republic, St. Petersburg State University of Economics, International University MITSO (Belarus), Banking University (Ukraine), Latvian College of Accounting and Finance and Šiauliai State College. For discussion at the conference, students, undergraduates, doctoral students and young scientists from nine countries prepared 130 scientific reports and messages in Latvian, English and Russian. Opening the conference, Professor, BIA Vice-Rector for Academic scientific work BIA Inna Stetcenko noted that the popularity of the international scientific conference in Riga is growing steadily, and the topics of presentations are becoming more diverse and relevant and take into account current problems and trends. Associate professor, chairman of the senate, member of the board of BIA Stanislav Buka addressed the conference with words of greeting. He thanked the young scientists and students for their interest in the anniversary conference, which takes place in a difficult time for all mankind, which dictates new challenges to scientists, requires the search for new, more effective solutions. In his speech, the speaker emphasized that even in a pandemic, international cooperation is possible and its role is growing steadily. New problems pose a difficult task for the education system in the search for new methods of training modern personnel.

Associate professor of Sting Academy (Czech Republic) Mariana Drazhanova, professor of Natural Sciences and Humanities University in Siedlce (Poland) Jacek Zielinski, professor of BMA Irina Plotka, professor of the National University of Civil Protection of Ukraine (Kharkov) Svetlana Dombrovskaya and Vladimir Moroz, professor of the International Institute of Management (Kiev) Alexey Alexandrov, head of the study direction “Law” BIA Irina Tsvetkova. Other reports and messages were discussed in four sections on the problems of economics and finance, law, psychology, tourism and hotel business, which were moderated by BMA specialists: professors Inna Stetcenko, Irina Plotka, Marina Gunare and master Irina Tsvetkova.

All conference materials will be published in electronic form on the BIA website under the heading “scientific work”.

In the pictures: Stanislav Buka, Chairman of the BIA Senate, Inna Stetcenko, Vice-Rector for Scientific Research, BIA.

Photo by Christina Ljahova.

BIA Press Service.