Long-awaited graduation period

Long-awaited graduation period

  • July 8th, 2022

The exciting time of graduation ceremonies has started at our Baltic International Academy. This summer, graduates of the programme “Psychology” were the first to receive Bachelor and Master degree diplomas in a festive atmosphere.

BIA Vice-Rector for Science, Associate Professor Vladislav Volkov expressed his warmest congratulations. He wished the new specialists to continue their professional development and constantly improve their professional skills.

The head of the direction “Psychology”, Professor Irina Plotka also had a kind word for each graduate. She wished the new specialists to justify the title of graduates of the Baltic International Academy with good deeds.

In the photos: Vladislav Volkov and Irina Plotka wish all the best to graduates. The graduates. Elina Ermilova with the Bachelor degree diploma.

Photos by Kristina Lyakhova.