Off-site scientific and practical seminar

Off-site scientific and practical seminar

  • July 15th, 2022

The off-site scientific and practical seminar “Hybrid Learning Technologies: Experience and Prospects” was highly appreciated by the heads of directions and programmes, directors of branches and other specialists of our Baltic International Academy. The main goal of the seminar was the need to analyze the experience of remote learning during the pandemic and identify the key points of hybrid learning as an inevitable learning technology in the future.

When opening the seminar, the chairman of the BIA Senate Stanislav Buka noted that the time for conducting the seminar was not chosen by chance. On July 13, 1992, on the basis of the resolution of the Chairman of the Cabinet of Ministers of Latvia Ivars Godmanis, an order was signed to establish the Baltic Russian Institute, and Baltic International Academy became its successor. Over the course of 30 years, it has come a long and difficult way of development and improvement of methods and forms of specialist training. And this seminar will contribute to this important and honorable mission.

Member of the BIA board Valery Nikiforov, Member of the BIA board Stanislav Buka, professor, head of the direction Irina Plotka, director of the BIA Daugavpils branch Valentina Rumyantseva, director of the BIA Jekabpils branch Inta Chamane, head of the BIA admissions committee Marina Lihushina, doctor of pedagogy, professor of BIA Oksana Filina, head of the computer centre of BIA Maksim Belostotsky, master of economics, chief accountant of BIA Zhanna Chernoshtan delivered creative and informative reports in which the experience of our academy was analyzed and proposals for improving student teaching were formulated.

The report of the habilitated doctor of psychology and pedagogy, professor of Daugavpils University Alexey Vorobyev “On didactic and psychological aspects of distance learning at Daugavpils University” and the report of the leading researcher of BIA Vsevolod Kachan “On the experience of Latvian universities in the use of hybrid learning methods” aroused great interest.

At the end of the seminar, BIA board members Stanislav Buka and Valery Nikiforov summarized the results of the seminar, thanked the participants for their active participation in its work and presented them with certificates of participation in the seminar.

In the photos: BIA board members Stanislav Buka and Valery Nikiforov present a certificate of participation in the seminar to acting rector Svetlana Smane. Professor Alexey Vorobyev is speaking. Participants of discussion.

Photos by Natalya Gratkovskaya, Marina Gunare, Pyotr Antropov.