Presentation at the museum of Vladimir Vysotsky

Presentation at the museum of Vladimir Vysotsky

  • June 17th, 2022

It has become a good tradition to hold literary meetings in the museum of Vladimir Vysotsky, which is located in our Baltic International Academy. The aura here is good for poets and bards, and the head of this centre-museum Olga Noginova is always glad to meet guests. This time she received a group of writers from Riga, who presented two novelties.

The first is a new issue of the magazine “KORNY” (“ROOTS”) in which Vladimir Vysotsky’s poems are published, the second is a new collection of poems by the famous Latvian poet Ivan Kuntsevich “You are the world”. Olga Mikhailovna introduced the guests and thanked them for their attention to the museum of Vladimir Vysotsky and for enriching its exposition.

The head of the literary and poetic association “Korny” (“Roots”) Ivan Kuntsevich read lyrical poems from the new collection. His emotional performance was well complemented by poets Alyona Mitina, Svetlana Vodoley, Pyotr Antropov, Alexander Semov, Iraida Kelmelene, Vadim Novozhilov and bard Yuri Kulamov.

In the photos: Olga Novikova welcomes the guests. Poems are read by Ivan Kuntsevich. Bard Yuri Kulamov.

Photos by Kristina Lyakhova