• November 22nd, 2021

The art exhibition “Latvia – Kazakhstan”, which was organized by the student gallery BiArt of our Baltic International Academy, aroused great interest in Latvia and Kazakhstan. A significant contribution to its organization was made by the Embassy of Kazakhstan in Latvia and the Union of Artists of Kazakhstan.

This exhibition for the first time so comprehensively presented the contemporary fine arts of Kazakhstan. Visitors will undoubtedly be interested in the lyrical composition of Serik Tainov “Batyr’s Dream”, the portrait of the aksakal Berkutchi Lidia Drozdova, landscapes by Arsen Dautbaev, Ildar Karimov, and other original works. In total, over a hundred canvases by 69 artists from Kazakhstan and Latvia are presented to the audience.

Opening the exhibition, the Chairman of the BIA Senate, Professor Stanislav Buka, sincerely thanked the curator of the exhibition, a member of the Artists’ Union of Latvia, Valentin Danilenko, and other organizers for their great work in uniting the creative potential of artists from Latvia and Kazakhstan. As he noted, the joint exposition of their works allows students, employees and guests to learn more deeply, compare the works of artists of Latvia and Kazakhstan and will contribute to the development of cultural ties between the countries.

The opening of the exhibition was attended by the first secretary of the Kazakh embassy in Latvia Botagoz Mauletova, the third secretary Ainur Akhmetova, employees and students of BIA, artists of Latvia and Kakhakhstan. Kazakhstanis participated in the opening with the help of a teleconference that connected Riga and Almaty. Their representative, Lidia Drozdova, welcomed her Latvian colleagues and thanked the BiArt student gallery for organizing the exhibition.

On behalf of the Latvian side, the curator of the gallery Valentin Danilenko, art critic Irina Markina, artist Maria Abdueva spoke with kind words of wishes. They thanked their Kazakhstani colleagues for the bright original works sent to the exhibition.

The exhibition will run until November 15. To visit, you need a certificate of vaccination and compliance with other anticovid requirements.

In the pictures: Stanislav Buka, Chairman of the BIA Senate, and Valentin Danilenko, curator of the BiArt student gallery, open the exhibition. Artist Valentin Danilenko and photo artist Vladimir Starkov acquaint representatives of the Embassy of Kazakhstan with the exposition of the exhibition. Kazakh artist Lidiya Drozdova.

Photo by Kristina Lahova.

BIA Press Service.