• December 9th, 2021

The student gallery BiArt of our academy took an active part in the implementation of the charity project “Soul with Soul Speaks”, initiated by the artist, psychologist, philanthropist Alyona Savyuk. Its participants – artists on a gratuitous basis donate their works to boarding houses, social care centers, where they decorate the rooms of residents and delight their souls.

Recently, such a gift of sixty paintings was donated to the social care center “Gaiļezers”. And half of them were given by friends of the BiART student gallery, artists Svetlana Samovarova, Igor Filippov, Selena Ondzule and others.

– We are very grateful to the student gallery “BiArt” of the Baltic International Academy and its curator Valentin Danilenko for their responsiveness and understanding of the needs and spiritual needs of the residents of boarding houses and social care centers, – says project manager Alyona Savyuk. – After all, these pictures make their life happier and brighter. I am sure that the BIA student gallery will continue to participate in this charitable project.

In the pictures: residents of the Gailezers social care center choose paintings for their souls. Paintings for every taste. Project manager Alyona Savyuk and satisfied owners of the paintings.

Photo from the archive of Alyona Savyuk.

BIA press service.