Summer intake has begun

Summer intake has begun

  • July 6th, 2022

On July 1, a new important stage in the work of the Admissions Committee began at the BIA. It has begun accepting documents for the academic year 2022/2023 from high school graduates who completed their studies this summer. The head of the BIA Admissions Committee Marina Likhushina tells about the requirements and special aspects of the summer intake:

-This year, applicants have a good opportunity to submit documents in person and receive information about the programmes offered by our academy. And there is a wide choice – 23 bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programmes in Latvian and English. In the new academic year, mediation was added to them for lawyers, audio description for translators, and digital marketing for entrepreneurs.

The directions of the year are the following: social work, design, translation and interpreting. Applicants to these programmes receive tuition benefits. Following a good tradition, we have special scholarships of the Baltic International Academy for excellent students. There are reduced tuition fees for those students who receive the highest marks during the exam period and for winners of competitions for high school students held by our academy. This year, tuition fee ranges from 875 to 1075 euros per semester depending on the programme.

I would like to remind you that more detailed information about admission requirements is available on the website of the academy in the section “Admissions”. Scanned copies of documents for admission can also be sent to the Admissions Committee: [email protected], it is also possible to fill out the application form on the website “Apply for studies electronically

In the photos: The head of the Admissions Committee Marina Likhushina conducts admission of applicants. The first applicants Daria Fonberga and Alisa Zenkina fill out the test for admission to the programme “Design”. The BIA educational building at 4 Lomonosova street, where the Admissions Committee is located.