• November 16th, 2021

Our Academy hosted the III International Scientific and Practical Conference “Multifaceted Translation: from Science to Art”. It was organized by the Baltic International Academy, the Latvian Society of Translators (Latvijas tulku un tulkotāju biedrība), and the Faculty of Philosophy of Matej Bel University from Banská Bystrica. The role of BIA organizers was successfully performed by Professor Emma Arkhangelskaya and Director of the Interpreting and Translation Program Yulia Rastorgueva.

The conference was attended by well-known specialists in interpretation and translation from Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Poland, Ukraine, Russia and other countries. Their attention was focused on the problems of improving the forms and methods of translation and its use as a means of intercultural communication.

The conference was held in two formats – face-to-face and on-line. The conference room was attended by speakers who have certificates of vaccination. Others participated in the work via videoconference. In total, 26 reports were discussed. They will be published in an electronic collection dedicated to the conference.

In the photo: Chairperson of the Latvian Society of Translators Helena Gizeleza speaking.

Photo by Kristine Lahova.

BIA Press Service.