Research Areas

Scientific activities in the Baltic International Academy (BIA)

Direction – Science of law

Nr. Title of the scientific direction Partners Direction Direction managers in BIA
1. Modern trends in the development and transformation of private law BIA Civil law T.Jurkeviča, BIA

Doc. I.Cvetkova, BIA

2. Transformation of Criminal Procedure and its differentiation in Latvia BIA Criminal law А M.Sumbarova, BIA
3. Trends in European Union law and influencing it to the legal framework of Latvia BIA European Union law Doc. A.Gabrielyan, BIA

Guest lecturer, Mg.iur. J.Muraru-Kļučica

4. Legal culture of multicultural society BIA Social law V.Volkovs, BIA

Doc.I.Cvetkova, BIA

5. Vote of the People and the Legislative Initiative of the electorate BIA Constitucional law Lead researcher I.Ņikuļceva, BIA


Title of the scientific direction Organizations-partners Direction managers in BIA
Direction – economy and finance
Transformation of the economic policies of the Baltic sea countries BIA,
Siedlce University of Natural Sciences and Humanities S.Buka, Prof. I.Stecenko
Economics, Finance, Accounting and management: analysis of trends and prospects of modern development BIA,
Kharkov Institute of banking affairs (Ukraine), Syktyvkar
State University (Russia)
Prof. L.Verovska, Prof. Z.Caurkubule,
Direction – Management, administration and real estate management
Research on the implementation of informational business technology problems in small and medium-sized business activities BIA, St.Petersburg State University of Economics
(Russia), Belarusian State Economic University
(Belarus), Company BAGUA
As. prof. V.Žilinskis
Direction – Hotel and restaurant service, organization of tourism and recreation
Culture and intercultural communications, tourist areas inheritance development BIA,
Kharkov National University (Ukraine),
Academic library (Latvia)
Doc. M. Gunare, Doc. N. Pazuhina
Tourism as a factor in the development of small cities Municipal Tourism Information Centers, the Russian Federation government University of finance (Moscow) Doc. M. Gunare, Doc. J. Voznuka, Lector A. Rogale-Homika
Direction – Information and communication sciences
Problems and prospects of application of public relations and integrated marketing communications in the territory marketing system BIA,
St.Petersburg State University
Leading researcher V. Kachan
Culture of applied communication BIA,
St.Petersburg State University
Leading researcher V. Kachan
Direction – Art
Design educational trends and technologies in the context of the Bologna Process BIA,
Kaunas college (Lithuania),
Euro Academy (Estonia),
Siauliai State University (Lithuania),
State Academy of Arts (Belarus)
Prof. M.Kopeikins, BIA
Direction– Psychology
Experimental studies of implicit attitudes BIA,
Norwegian University of Science and Technology,
cooperation with the Doctoral Programme “Psychology” for doctoral students of Daugavpils University
Prof. I. Plotka, N. Blumenau
Other language education, translation and intercultural communication Pécs University (Hungary),
Rzeszów University (Poland)
Prof. E.Arhangelskaya
Direction – European Studies
Ethnic diversity in the EU BSA,
Tallinn technology University (Estonia),
Higher School of Economics (Moscow),
St.-Petersburg State University (Russia)
Doc. V.Volkov
Direction – Social work
Social work in Latvia and the world BIA,
NGO “Society of social workers”
Doc. A.Mite, doc. L.Āboltiņa, prof. I.Čamane