Student Parliament

University years – it is not only lectures, seminars, conferences, it is also a life full of communication, vivid emotions and unforgettable impressions. The BIA Student Parliament is the main event organizer of activities at the Academy.

What is the Student Parliament?

The Student Parliament is the student’s self-government body, which is engaged not only in organizing cultural events but also in protecting the rights and interests of students, as well as supporting their initiatives.
This is an organization that exists on the enthusiasm of its participants, who themselves set goals and tasks, find ways to solve them and achieve the desired results.


What does the Student Parliament give?

• Personal and professional development;
• Interesting meetings with new people, both at the Academy and beyond it;
• Popularity among students (and sometimes among teachers!);
• Privileges on getting tuition discounts;
• And much more!

How to be a part of the Student Parliament?

1. First and foremost, it is necessary to be a student of BIA.
2. The desire to actively work within the walls of the academy.
3. On any day, at any time, alone or with friends, you can visit Room 103 – office of the Student Parliament at Lomonosova Street 1, or email us at [email protected].
4. Be responsible, proactive and purposeful.

Advice to the applicants from the Student Parliament

Of course, today a diploma of higher education is a must. But, you know what is equally important? These are your skills. You must be a competent professional. Therefore, we want to note that by working with us in the BIA Student Parliament, you will gain tremendous experience and a lot of these skills within a variety of different areas: from organizing and hosting events, writing scripts up to developing interior design, and much more!

The main thing – make the right choice!

We are waiting for everyone in the BIA Student Parliament! (we have tea and cookies 😉 )