We invite you to a tour of Tartu

We invite you to a tour of Tartu

  • November 23rd, 2022
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We invite you to Tartu and we will discover new entertainment together::

You have not been there yet, then you are 100% with us!

You were there, but did not see everything, then you are also with us!

The most fascinating science center in the Baltics AHHAA.

Have you heard that there is an entertainment center AHHAA in Tartu, do you know what exactly is there?

We are ready to show!

The AHHAA Wildlife Hall is the only place in the world where you can watch 20,000 wood ants at work indoors. In addition, there is an aquarium with fish, corals and other inhabitants of the Red Sea with a volume of 6000 liters and a separate aquarium with seahorses. If you are lucky, a new chick will hatch right in front of your eyes in our chicken house!

In the AHHAA Hall of Technology, you’ll find a high-flying bike ride, a rotating tunnel, and mysterious artifacts hidden in the shadows. In addition, here you can take a photo with a bursting balloon and climb high above the hall along the Munchausen tower. In addition, here you can look at a kitchen cut in two along with all household appliances or test yourself on a dizzying astronaut simulator.

On the second floor of the Technology Hall, you can get acquainted with the historical medical collections of the University of Tartu. This unique exhibition provides an overview of the entire human body – you can find both healthy organs and examples of how various diseases affect our body.

In addition to the exhibition halls, many exhibits are also located in the AHHAA lobby. Explore the mirror labyrinth, rack your brains over different riddles and admire your reflection in the crooked mirrors!

There is never too much entertainment, and therefore everyone can take part in a photo hunt, the fastest team receives prizes!

You can look into your favorite AHHAA, where there is a living nature hall, a technology hall, the medical collections of the University of Tartu, and a spherical planetarium. (The number of places is limited, advance booking) Those who wish can go for a walk around the city in their free time! An exciting day awaits us at 100%!

Attention when registering and paying for the trip before 11/23/22

super price 33.00 € valid! (Group minimum number of 30 people)

The cost of the trip includes: transportation costs, entrance ticket to AHHAA, organization of the photo hunting game. Additional costs: planetarium 6 €

Departure from Riga at 7.00 and late return home!

Registration by tel. 28864382 Elena! We kindly ask you not to be late, take your passports with you, and also remember that each participant is obliged to follow the rules of conduct adopted in the center: do not spoil the exhibits and observe safety precautions!