Plein air practice in the North of Italy

Plein air practice in the North of Italy

We were glad to be in the north of Italy, the Liguria region, the city Taggia. These wonderful 2 months will fall into the collection of the best memories of the student life. We learned a lot, met interesting people, improved language and communication skills. We saw beautiful landscapes, painted magnificent ancient architecture, flora and local fauna.

We lived in a monastery in the  mountains of Taggia, which is called convento san Domenico.

It was very hot and sunny, but since we are students from Latvia, we were only happy with the excess heat. We walked a lot around the city. Were in local monasteries. The inside of the monasteries is very spacious and has good acoustics, as well as a very beautiful exterior.

I can safely say that practice of Erasmus is a wonderful program that presents a lot of impressions and memories for life! Everything is perfect in Italy - friendly hospitable people, food, nature, climate, landscape views, architecture, traditions, culture.

I am very grateful to Erasmus for the opportunity to visit another country, to see and learn something new for myself, to feel part of the whole! Our guide was Elena Buzurina, a professional in her field.

She told us about the intricacies of Italian life, traditions, and also helped us throughout our practice in all matters.

Since we went to practice after quarantine, all precautions were followed with the utmost rigor. We were careful.

Also in Italy there are many authentic, rare and very beautiful cars that we also painted.

Liguria has many olive trees and palms. We also went on a tour of the olive oil factory. Olives - the pride of the Ligurians.

The Ligurian region is rich in old narrow streets with beautiful shutters, randomly located windows and carved doors. There are also steps along the streets.

Italians are very patriotic and therefore Italian flags hang on many windows.

Our wonderful trip ended with an exhibition of our plein air works and the distribution of certificates of participation. I recommend the Erasmus practice to all students! You will definitely not regret it and will be left with impressions for a lifetime!

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