Erasmus experience story

Erasmus experience story

Taking advantage of the opportunity to practice under the ERASMUS program, you can always get an interesting professional experience. By improving their professional skills, students also always have the opportunity to expand their horizons and get acquainted with the experience of colleagues from other countries, to apply it in their work.

I, Natalia Chekanova, understand practice in the framework of Erasmus + in the period from 17.02.2020 to 18.06.2020. Place of practice - Maxim Gorky Gymnasium (Lithuania, Klaipeda, 5 Daukanto St.).

The following Practice Tasks were completed:

  • experience gained in conducting interviews with the head of the organization;
  • identified difficulties encountered by management and staff of the organization in their work
  • a survey of personnel was conducted on the subject of burnout and statistical data processing;
  • recommendations were made and suggestions were made on how to optimize the work of the employees of this organization;
  • psychological recommendations and theoretical materials were provided during the quarantine period (caused by the pandemic of the coronavirus COVID 19) for parents, students and teachers;
  • conducted trainings, lectures and seminars in this organization;
  • proposals were made to optimize personnel management in this organization
  • the acquisition of skills in drawing up projects and programs in accordance with the needs of the organization;
  • improving the skills of psychological counseling in the organization
  • emotional and psychological support of the organization’s teachers in a pandemic.

Acquired practical skills in practice-mastering specialized techniques, using interview techniques, processing survey results, studying the psychological climate of the team in the gymnasium.

An important part of the practice consisted of conducting trainings, which helped to test the theoretical knowledge obtained in practice and consolidate it. Various psychological counseling sessions on supervision were also conducted.

I am also grateful for the information received from the practicing psychologist – the head of the practice.

Constant supervision has been an invaluable contribution to improving me as a specialist, which gives me confidence in my work.

The situation with COVID-19, which occurred during our internship, required the team to develop additional skills to work on various online platforms. This fact did not affect the quality of work, and made it possible to develop creative adaptation to various situations.

I am very grateful for the opportunity to practice during my studies, which will certainly be useful to me in my chosen profession as a school psychologist.

Natalja Chekanova