ERASMUS Story. Practice in Italy

ERASMUS Story. Practice in Italy

This spring we went to plenary practice in Italy, on the program Erasmus.
It 's really a colossal opportunity to get an unforgettable experience. We visited 12 Italian cities in which we look to dip into real Italian culture. We visited small cities where was no influx of tourists, where  welcoming indigenous people, who were always willing to help and even drive to the right place.
For me it was a happiness to get new knowledge in drawing, to practice every day in this, to dial experience with colleagues. Also, I want to note the large number of places we would not be able to get into if it would not be this practice.

These are places like Monte sulla-Marcellana and few know at all about the existence such a city on the mountain, but it is stunning with its architecture and views.
So too is the city of Maeira, in which we spent more time and got a huge amount of emotion.
Erasmus not only allowed being in a comfortable atmosphere, but also an opportunity to get acquainted with new people, making new friends and acquaintances. With whom we even after the end of practice, we maintain contact.
The most unforgettable moments are related to how our group explored cities in search of picturesque places.
During practice, we became a small family, with joint interests.

Every night we got together
And shared experience, thus our drawing level improved every day. We have also learned new materials and techniques for drawing, which used to be a big mystery for us. Erasmus has created a colossal experience for us, for which you can say a lot of thanks. We got unforgettable emotions, Experience, new friends and acquaintances.

The practice really influenced my worldview and changed thinking. I am insanely grateful for Erasmus 's encirclement and my BMA study for such experience!

Sofija Dudina