Directions of scientific activity

Directions of scientific activity in the Baltic International Academy

Scientific direction


Scientific leaders from BIA

Direction-Economy and finance

Transformation of the economic policy of the Baltic Sea countries


Siedlce University of Natural Sciences and Humanities S.Buka

Economics, finance, accounting and management: analysis of modern development trends and perspectives


Kharkiv Institute of Banking Affairs (Ukraine)

Prof. Ž.Caurkubule

Direction - hotel and restaurant service, organization of tourism and recreation

Areas of intercultural communication and cultural tourism

heritage development


Kharkiv National University (Ukraine),

Latvian Academic library

Doc. M. Gunare,

Doc. N. Pazuhina

Tourism as a factor in the development of small towns


Doc. M. Gunare,

Doc. J. Voznuka,

Lecturer A. Rogale-Homika

Direction - Science of Law

Modern trends in the development and transformation of private law


As. prof. T. Jurkeviča, Doc. I. Gafta

Protection of human rights in the European Union


Doc. A. Gabrielyan,
Prof. H. Šimkuva

Direction - European Studies

Cultural diversity in the European Union


Technology Tallinn University (Estonia)

As. prof. V.Volkov