Course "Personal Finance"

Course "Personal Finance"

Dear students!

We invite you to the course  "Personal Finance"  which will take place on 16, 23, 30  march and 6 april 2023, at 13: 10-16: 20 remotely.

Lecturer: Aleksandrina Aleksandrova, PhD , Researcher, Scienific Research Institute, The D. A. Tsenov Academy of Economics Svishtov, Bulgaria

Ask yourself these financial questions:

  •  Should you buy a new car or pay off your credit card balance first?
  •  How much can you borrow?
  •  Which bank offers the best services to satisfy your needs?
  •  How can you obtain easy access to funds in an emergency situation?
  •  Do you have enough insurance?
  •  Will you be able to retire at an early age?

The course “Personal finance” allows you to address these and other related financial dilemmas. It equips you with the

knowledge and tools to help you make sound decisions. It also guides you to create a financial plan for

yourself. This course gives you the opportunity to develop the skills that can improve your financial

position over time. 

Link to access the course:

This participation can be credited as a block C subject (in agreement with the program director).

The information is prepared by the study direction "Economics".