Opens MSCA competition for doctoral networking

Opens MSCA competition for doctoral networking

On May 30, the European Commission opened applications for the Doctoral Networks competition of Maria Sklodovska Curie's activities.

The goal of the Doctoral Networks competition is to promote international, interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary/interdisciplinary cooperation through doctoral-level training in Europe. Also, the goal is to train highly qualified doctoral students and stimulate entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation in Europe and beyond.

This competition will finance doctoral programs implemented by international partnerships of various sectoral organizations throughout Europe and beyond. In addition to the standard PhD competition, the Commission provides specific incentives to establish industry PhDs that train researchers and develop their skills outside academic environment, in particular in industry, business and the public sector, and Joint PhD Networks that offer integrated training programs leading to joint or multiple Ph.D.

The total budget of 434.8 million euros to finance more than 130 projects in all fields of science and the training and skills development of 1,600 PhD students.

Submission deadline 28 November 17:00 Brussels time.

More information is available by the link:

The information has been prepared based on the information provided by the Latvian Science Council.