V World Congress of Latvian Scientists "Science for Latvia"

V World Congress of Latvian Scientists "Science for Latvia"

Continuing the traditions, from June 27 to June 29, 2023, we will celebrate an important scientific event for the fifth time - the 5th World Congress of Latvian Scientists "Science for Latvia".

Members of the Latvian science ecosystem – Latvian and diaspora scientists, young scientists, students, businessmen, international and local cooperation partners, representatives of the government, state administration and foreign missions – will gather to honor the achievements of Latvian science and discuss the impact of scientific results on both society and policy making. The participants of the congress will also focus on understanding the counterforce of science in solving global challenges both now and in the future.

The congress is a meeting place for those whose hearts are burning for Latvia and Latvian science!

More information is available by the link: https://www.zinatneskongress.lv

The information has been prepared based on the information provided by the Latvian Science Council.