Additional services

Additional services


You have an opportunity to arrange Your bachelor or master thesis for the Dean’s office according to all academic requirements, while staying at home.

Before that make sure:

  1. That the work is officially acnowledged by the scientific tutor and is ready for the defense.
  2. To convert the work in pdf format and send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

(this is the library headmaster’s personal e-mail adress and files of any size are easily received unlike the official BIA e-mail. The book store is also managed by the headmaster so it is more convenient to use this inbox)

  1. To mark the pages which are needed to be print in colour by mentioning exact numbers of the pages (pages in colour are printed only for the work’s second copy that is left at the Department).
  2. To send in separated files:
  • Cover page in Latvian with the student’s signature
  • Confirmation of academic honesty page (Galvojums) with Your signature
  • Bank confirmation of payment for the service

*Cover page and Confirmation of academic honesty page must be SIGNED WITH BLUE INK, sent its scan or photo and counted as a colour print (0, 40 EUR per page)

The service price is calculated as follows:

The page quantity must be multiplied on 0,07 EUR (the price for one page print) and multiplied on 2 (the work is handed in two copies) if there are colour pages – each colour sheet multiple on    0, 40 and add 13,50 to the result (13,50 EUR is the price for hard and spiral covers, disk with the recorded work, disk envelope and other stuff.

If You want to assign two work copies in HARD cover, then not 13,15 must be added but 20,00 EUR. Please inform about this in the e-mail.