New acquisitions of the scientific library


Marketing and managing tourism destinations. Second edition / Alastair M.Morrison. Routledge Taylor& Francis Group, London and New York, 2019.

Marketing and Managing Tourism Destinations is a comprehensive and integrated introductory textbook covering both destination marketing and destination management in one volume. It focuses on how destination management is planned, implemented and evaluated as well as the management and operations of destination management organizations (DMOs), how they conduct business, major opportunities, challenges and issues they face to compete for the global leisure and business travel markets.
This second edition has been updated to include:

  • A new chapter on visitor management that includes a section on crisis and disaster management
  • New material on destination leadership and coordination
  • New and revised content on digital marketing
  • New and updated international case examples throughout to show the practical realities and approaches to managing different destinations around the world.

It is illustrated in full colour and packed with features to encourage reflection on main themes, spur critical thinking and show theory in practice. Written by an author with many years of industry practice, university teaching and professional training experience, this book is the essential guide to the subject for tourism, hospitality and events students and industry practitioners alike.

Destination marketing. Essential. Third edition / Steven Pike. Routledge Taylor& Francis Group, London and New York, 2021.

Destination Marketing offers the reader an integrated and comprehensive overview of the key challenges and constraints facing destination marketing organisations (DMOs) and how destination marketing can be planned, implemented and evaluated to achieve successful destination competitiveness.
This new third edition has been revised and updated to include:

  • 27 new and updated case studies, including destinations such as Sri Lanka, Barbados, the UAE, and crucially relevant topics such as the Australian bushfires and the threat of COVID-19
  • Brand-new pedagogical features such as in-chapter class activities, key term definitions, and highlighted critical points
  • New content on cross-sector consortia marketing for meetings and events, social media influencer marketing, the role of technology, resource consumption and climate change, creativity and innovation in developing destination branding, experiential destination marketing and the influence of culture and sustainability on destination marketing
  • Links to free access of the author’s journal articles on destination marketing
  • Updated additional online resources for lecturers and students including PowerPoint slides, quizzes and discussion questions

It is written in an engaging style and applies theory to a range of tourism destinations at the consumer, business, national and international level by using topical examples.

Tourism Destination Management / Manuel Rodriguez-Diaz and Tomas F.Espino-Rodriguez. MDPI, Basel, Beijing, Wuhan, 2019.

This book collected studies focused on the management of tourist destinations. Destinations are complex and adaptive systems, where the different elements that make them up have to be oriented towards achieving a common objective that improves the competitiveness of the destination. Five main lines of research on tourist destinations can be established: 1) the management, planning, and marketing of destinations, with special attention to the tourism supply chain, communication, and integral management; 2) the sustainability of resources and capabilities; 3) the renewal of destinations in order to update their offer and main resources to maintain competitiveness; 4) online reputation and communication through social media in order to create and enhance a strong brand image and customer loyalty; and 5) the application of new technologies in order to develop smart destinations. The book is made up of five research studies that focus on analyzing the transition towards a more circular tourist activity in hotels, image as a competitive factor of destinations, the value of cultural creativity, the coherence of online reputation, and the relationship between hotel prices and online reputation in different tourist destinations.

Tourism planning and destination marketing / Mark Anthony Camilleri. Emerald Publishing, United Kingdom, 2019.

Destination marketing relies on planning, organisation, and successful strategies and tactics. Tourism Planning and Destination Marketing provides an in-depth understanding of the tourism marketing environment, including destination branding, distribution channels, etourism, digital media, and sustainable and responsible tourism practices. It is a useful guide for tourism marketers, including destination management organisations (DMOs), who are increasingly using innovative tools and evolving technologies to engage with prospective visitors. Moreover, this title sheds light on the latest developments in travel, hospitality, festivals and events, as the contributing authors have critically analysed the global tourism marketing environments that comprise a wide array of economic, socio-cultural, technological and environmental realities.
This book explores advances in tourism planning and destination marketing theory for the interest of both researchers and scholars. Furthermore, it is an invaluable resource for a wide range of industry practitioners, including consultants, senior executives and managers who work for destination management organisations, tourism offices, hotels, inbound/outbound tour operators and travel agents.

Good country equation . How we can repair the world in one generation / Simon Anholt. Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Inc, 2020

Simon Anholt has spent decades helping countries from Austria to Zambia to improve their international standing. Using colorful descriptions of his experiences--dining with Vladimir Putin at his country home, taking a group of Felipe Calderon's advisors on their first Mexico City subway ride, touring a beautiful new government hospital in Afghanistan that nobody would use because it was in Taliban-controlled territory--he tells how he began finding answers to that question.
Ultimately, Anholt hit on the Good Country Equation, a formula for encouraging international cooperation and reinventing education for a globalized era. Anholt even offers a "selfish" argument for cooperation: he shows that it generates goodwill, which in turn translates into increased trade, foreign investment, tourism, talent attraction, and even domestic electoral success. Anholt insists we can change the way countries behave and the way people are educated in a single generation--because that's all the time we have.

Place Branding. For small cities, regions & Downtowns / Bill Baker. 2019.

In his latest book, Bill Baker unpacks decades of practical experience and real-world examples. He shows how to transform tourism, economic development, place making, and wayfinding in small cities and regions. Bill is straight to the point and provides the essentials for those new to the subject. He shows the way to reveal and manage a sustainable destination or place brand. ‘Place Branding’ simplifies the scope and dynamics of place branding by providing a step-by-step approach to research, define, and deploy a winning brand strategy for places of all sizes. Each chapter is loaded with helpful ideas for establishing a community brand that will provide a competitive advantage, be supported by citizens, and resonate with target audiences.

Valsts parāda vērtspapīru plūsmas vadības pilnveidošanas iespējas Latvijā. Monogrāfija / Ivars Avotiņš, Rosita Zvirgzdiņa
ISBN 978-9934-543-25-8

The scientific monograph “Valsts parāda vērtspapīru plūsmas vadības pilnveidošanas iespējas Latvijā” was developed between 2005 and 2018. The monograph is based on a detailed analysis of the existing practice of Latvian government debt securities for the period from 1993 to 2018.
The monograph contains an original study of the possibilities for improving the management of the flow of government debt securities in Latvia. The work includes the theoretical conclusions of the doctoral dissertations of I. Avotins and R. Zvirgzdins and developed proposals for improving the management of flows of government debt securities in Latvia.

Mediju un komunikācijas zinātne. Monogrāfija / Klauss Beks. Tulkots no vācu valodas (Latviešu izdevums profesora Dr.phil.A.Dimanta tulkojumā).
ISBN 978-9934-543-29-6

Communication and media are becoming more and more popular not only in everyday life, but also as a subject of research and teaching. Throughout Europe and beyond, the number of people interested in media and communication research has grown steadily in recent decades, as has the number of universities and colleges.

Tiesību zinātne

Krimināllikuma komentāri. Pirmā daļa (I–VIII nodaļa). Otrais papildinātais izdevums / Uldis Krastiņš, Valentija Liholaja. – Tiesu namu aģentūra, 2018, 558 lpp.

The book “Comments on the criminal law. Part One (Chapters I to VIII2) Third Edition "is a continuation of the book “Comments on the criminal law. Part one (chapters I through VIII2). Second revised edition "2018. The same authors - professors of law of the University of Latvia Uldis Krastins and Valentija Likholaja - also in this issue comment on the legal norms of the General Part of the Criminal Law and provide explanations for their application.
Since the need for a reprint was determined by the amendments made to the Criminal Law in recent years, the authors also mainly considered issues related to them.
It is noteworthy that the authors also commented on the amendments to the Criminal Code of December 17, 2020, which have not yet entered into force. They will come into force on January 1, 2022. These amendments significantly affect the application of sentences to minors, suspended sentences and other issues.
In addition, the authors have completed and clarified the comments to the articles in the General part in the previous comment.
The theoretical analysis is clearly complemented by examples from judicial practice.
At the end of the book you will find a list of sources used, an excerpt from the Law "On the order of entry into force and application of the criminal law" and the amount of the minimum monthly wage established by the Government.
The book will be a good guide for those who apply and study criminal law. It can provide an introduction to criminal law for anyone interested in the field.

Krimināllikuma komentāri. Otrā daļa (IX-XVII nodaļa). Otrais papildinātais izdevums / Uldis Krastiņš, Valentija Liholaja. – Tiesu namu aģentūra, 2018, 558 lpp.
ISBN 978-9934-508-66-0

The comments are based on the findings of the theory of criminal law, jurisprudence and jurisprudence. Commenting on the international and international nature of crimes such as crimes against humanity, genocide, human trafficking, etc., the relevant international documents are also analyzed in the section on elements of crime and other issues related to the application of criminal law. Considering that the descriptions of many criminal offenses subject to comment are not completed, special attention is paid to the analysis of the relevant laws and decrees of the Cabinet of Ministers that regulate them, or other decisions in the commentary to these norms of criminal law.

Krimināllikuma komentāri. Trešā daļa (XVIII-XXV nodaļa). Otrais papildinātais izdevums / Uldis Krastiņš, Valentija Liholaja. – Tiesu namu aģentūra, 2019, 879 lpp.
ISBN 978-9934-508-71-4

The comments are based on the findings of the theory of criminal law, jurisprudence and jurisprudence. Commenting on the international and international nature of crimes such as crimes against humanity, genocide, human trafficking, etc., the relevant international documents are also analyzed in the section on elements of crime and other issues related to the application of criminal law. Considering that the descriptions of many criminal offenses subject to comment are not completed, special attention is paid to the analysis of the relevant laws and decrees of the Cabinet of Ministers that regulate them, or other decisions in the commentary to these norms of criminal law.

Darbinieku aizsardzība uzņēmuma pārejas gadījumā / Irēna Liepiņa. – Rīga: Tiesu namu aģentūra, 2021. – 287 lpp.
ISBN 978-9934-508-90-5

The author I. Liepiņa in the book “Darbinieku aizsardzība uzņēmuma pārejas gadījumā” comprehensively considered a very important and necessary topic in Latvia - the protection of employees in cases where the company in which a person works is acquired by another, new employer.
The relevance of the chosen topic is also determined by the fact that in the current practice, when transferring a company, more attention is paid to economic and commercial aspects, and not to the legal protection of employees.
The book is divided into four chapters. They comprehensively address general handover issues, employee protection guidelines and implementation, and provide suggestions for improving employee protection. The highlights of the topics are summarized in the executive summary. The work widely uses and analyzes the theoretical and practical conclusions obtained both in Latvia and abroad, illustrated by examples from judicial practice. At the end of the book, there is an extensive list of sources used.
The recommendations and specific proposals presented as a result of the author's research can be used in the future in Latvian legislation to improve the regulation of the legal protection of employees in the event of a transfer of the company.
This book will be a valuable resource for both current and future lawyers, as well as anyone who might have to deal with employee protection issues in the event of a transfer.

Autortiesības digitālajā laikmetā. Monogrāfija / Ingrīda Veikša. – Rīga: Turība, 2021. – 457 lpp.
ISBN 978-9934-543-33-3

This monograph summarizes various materials prepared by the author for participation in scientific conferences, for publication in international scientific journals, for discussion with copyright specialists, and also simply for expressing his opinion on a topic that was relevant to the public at that time. The variety of these audiences also requires varying degrees of scientific rationale. However, each article carefully analyzes both the sources of the literature and the applicable regulations and case law. The monograph is dedicated to the protection of intellectual property rights, focusing on one type of intellectual property - copyright, other types of intellectual property such as trademarks, patents, designs, etc.

Civilprocesa likuma komentāri. II Daļa (29. -60. nodaļa) / Sagat. Autoru kolektīvs prof. K.Torgāna un A.Laviņa zinātniskajā redakcijā. – Tiesu namu aģentūra, 2021. – 1360 lpp.
ISBN 978-9934-508-81-3

The second amended version of Part II of the Comments to the Civil Procedure Law has been prepared taking into account the amendments to the Civil Procedure Law and other relevant regulations made by April 21, 2021.
Compared to the first edition of this part of the commentary, the comments contained in the book additionally cover 34 laws on amending the Civil Procedure Law adopted after June 2012 (including the law adopted on March 25, 2021), as well as at least 11 judicial decisions in which the conformity of the norms of the civil procedure law to the Constitution is assessed.

Dzīvojamo telpu īre un saistītie jautājumi / Jurista vārds Nr 43. Raksti. – 26.10.2021. – 126 lpp.

This book magazine is very important. The content of the publications is varied, it is not only the issues of renting residential premises and the Civil Procedure Law. The content covers topics such as consumer issues and the processing of personal data in rental housing, rent and taxes. For the convenience of readers, the collection also contains the new Law on the Rent of Residential Premises in its current version.

Herberta Pakera divu kriminālprocesa modeļu doktrīna / Egons Rusanovs, Signe Skutele. – Rīga: Rusanovs&Partneri zvērinātu advokātu birojs SIA, 2021. – 128 lpp.
ISBN 978-9934-9006-3-1

Dr. iur. cand. Egons Rusanovs and Mg. iur Signe Scutele in her new book “Herberta Pakera divu kriminālprocesa modeļu doktrīna” invites readers to look at the criminal procedural views of the American legal scholar Herbert Packer.
In 1964, Packer published his famous work, Two Models of Criminal Procedure, in which he described two models of criminal procedure: 1) the crime control model and 2) the due process model.
As noted by the author of the introduction to the book "The Doctrine of Two Models of Criminal Procedure", Corresponding Member of the Latvian Academy of Sciences, Professor of the Faculty of Law of the University of Latvia, Dr. iur Ariya Meikalisha: “The study is useful for anyone interested in criminal justice rights, for everyone who makes decisions and makes progress in improving criminal justice.”
This book may be of interest not only to law students, theorists and practitioners, but also to politicians.

Konstitucionālās tiesības. Trešais izdevums ar Daiņa Īvāna priekšvārdu / Jānis Pleps, Edgars Pastars, Ilze Plakane. – Rīga:latvijas Vēstnesis, 2021. – 680 lpp.
ISBN 978-9984-840-67-3

The book explains the state structure of Latvia, as defined in the Constitution, in the broader context of the experience of the Baltic countries and Europe. The authors explained in detail the basic concepts of constitutional law such as constitution, sovereignty, democratic republic, rule of law and welfare state, human rights and separation of powers. The book also examines the most important functions of the head of state, legislative, executive and judicial branches in a democratic state and their interaction.

Efektīvs tiesību aizsardzības līdzeklis pret likumu / Jānis priekulis. – Rīga: Latvijas Vēstnesis, 2021. – 415 lpp.
ISBN 978-9984-840-69-7

The author presents the most complete overview of the concept of protection of the concept of law and its functions to date. For the first time in Latvian jurisprudence, the book provides a full description of the prerequisites for recognizing an unjustified violation of rights under the law. The author substantiates in detail the thesis of temporary protection mechanisms as a necessary element of an effective remedy and calls for the introduction of a new temporary remedy in the process of the Constitutional Court - limitation of the operation of the law.
The book will also be useful to researchers in other areas of law, students, teachers, practitioners and everyone else.
This book is in Latvian language.

Scientific library of BIA has a new addition - a book written by economist Pēteris Strautiņš “Living in Latvia is interesting. Practical advice on love for the homeland ”(donated by the Luminor Bank). “This book is intended for everyone interested in question how to make Latvia and this world a better place, how to understand the history of our native land and what makes life more interesting here. This collection of impressions from one moment to sweeping generalizations, attentive reflections and word games represent a kind of frank overview of the successes and failures of the search for truth, "- writes the author in the introduction. The book contains articles published by the author in newspapers, magazines and portals over the past 25 years. They are grouped by topic, some of them contain short comments from a 2019 perspective. As the author continues: “The irony is heard in the title, and it certainly is. Sometimes it was even too interesting to live in our country. But in general, this is meant only in a positive sense. It has a very dynamic economy, beautiful nature and highly developed cultural life. These are well-known things. What, then, is the added value of the book? Here you can find many arguments about why it is interesting to live in Latvia. About half of the book is devoted to economics and its direct impact on our daily life, while the rest presents a very general picture of the era. In addition, the border between the economy and other social events is very arbitrary. The book intertwines the macroeconomic and microeconomic history of Latvia, in other words, major economic indicators with events at the level of companies and people. They say that everything is fine with the macroeconomics in Latvia, but this does not affect people's lives. It seems to me that the opposite is true. The mistakes made over the last quarter of a century are best seen in large numbers - in the dynamics of GDP, inflation, and the labor market. In the previous decade, until 2008, the economy worked in a mode of excessive optimism, then quickly entered a phase of excessive pessimism and caution, from which it has not yet emerged. On the other hand, throughout the post-Soviet period, the "fine structure" of the economy - companies, their networks, products, people skills and knowledge - developed quite successfully. This happened all the time, even during the crisis. Opportunities for direct influence on the economy of a large number of people are limited for all countries, especially for Latvia, which is small and does not have its own currency. Therefore, it is especially important to talk about what specific people and companies are doing. Then it will be easier to understand how to help them, or how they cope with everything perfectly. Only by understanding the microeconomic level we can predict how our well-being will change in the future”. The book is available for reading only in the halls of Scientific Library of BIA.


Domino Effect in Risk and Crisis Communication. Management and Legal Aspects. Monograph / Jolanta Derkevica - Pilskunga. - Rīga: Tūrība, 2021. - 312 lpp.
ISBN 978-9934-543-27-2

The scientific monograph "Domino effect in risk and crisis comunication. Management & Legal aspects" is based on the doctoral thesis "Domino effect theory and legal regulations: The effects of risk and crisis comunication on Latvian enterprises".
The aim of the monograph is to explore to what extent communication as a business factor influences risks and crises in Latvian businesses, doing so in the context of Latvian legislation and drafting desired legal guidelines for risk and crisis communication and the practical goal is to identify amendments that are needed in Latvian laws in the context of risk and crisis communication management.
Different methods have been used in order to achieve the goal. For instance, the content analysis of the codes of ethics of journalists and the analysis of the concept of mediation in Latvia. A survey method – pilot study based on the opinion poll in order to learn the opinions of managers at small companies, different case studies and analysis of companies to ascertain the necessary changes and problems related to risk and crisis management in Latvia so as to deepen the research and interviews with board managers, lawyers, psychologists and communication experts at bankrupt and other companies are included.

Latvian National library with the financial support from the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs within the project “Turpinot pilsonisko izglitību Latvijā. Pilsonības izglitības federālās aģentūras grāmatu sērijas izdošana.” (Continuing civil education in Latvia. Publication of the books by the Federal agency for civic education) published a series of books, that can be found in the BIA library.

Starptautiskās finanšu un ekonomiskās attiecības (International financial and economic relations)

The publication presents different views on new international economic relations, as well as on the question – is there any place for for the specific preferences of individual societies in the globalized economy?

Starptautiskā drošība (International security)

In connection with the tensions between the leading countries, as well as doubts about the stability of alliances, ever deeper cracks are looming in the foundations of the world order. Does the post-World War II international security architecture is threatens to collapse? The debate about the new role of foreign and security policy in the world is still developing at an early stage.

Īsi par demokrātiju (Briefly about democracy)

The book covers a wide range of topics, starting with democratic politics in Ancient Greece, examining the specifics of Latvian democracy and finally trying to foresee future prospects.

Bēgļu gaitas pagātnē un mūsdienās (Refugees in the past and nowadays)

The history of migration, the reasons for the exodus from "home" places, how migrants come to their new homeland before the times of Geneva Convention and after. Changes in refugee status after signing the Protocol. Expert opinions are included in the publication.


Architects Sketches. Dialogue and Design/ Kendra Schank Smith. – London and New York: Routledge, Taylor&Francis Group, 2015. – 138 p.
ISBN-13: 978-0750682268

Concepts from architects' minds evolve through sketches and as a mode of transference are conveyed to the finished building. This book compares qualities of sketches to reveal unique approaches to the instruments of thinking in which all architects engage. It provides new insight into the relationship between architectural sketches and the process of creative manipulation. Sketches comprise a thinking mechanism, and through the qualities of ambiguity, quickness and change, they initiate a dialogue for architects. As a medium to facilitate communication, recording, discovery and evaluation, their pertinence lies in their ability to exhibit both the precise and the imprecise. Exploring four related theoretical approaches, play, memory-imagination-fantasy, caricature and the grotesque, the book shows how imprecision stimulates imagination to conceive new forms in the dialogue of architectural sketches.

Watercolors for Beginners / Francisco Asensio Cerver. – Slovenia: Atrium Group, 2003. – 176 p.
ISBN-10 : 3829019319

I gave this book to a person who paints for fun. She found it wonderful for explaining techniques, telling her how to put her ideas onto paper. Nice illustrations and helpful.

Logo modernism / Jens Muller, Julius Wiedemann (Ed.). – Taschen.- 2018.- 431 p.

Modernist aesthetics in architecture, art, and product design are familiar to many. In soaring glass structures or minimalist canvases, we recognize a time of vast technological advance which affirmed the power of human beings to reshape their environment and to break, radically, from the conventions or constraints of the past. Less well-known, but no less fascinating, is the distillation of modernism in graphic design.
This unprecedented TASCHEN publication, authored by Jens Müller, brings together approximately 6,000 trademarks, focused on the period 1940–1980, to examine how modernist attitudes and imperatives gave birth to corporate identity. Ranging from media outfits to retail giants, airlines to art galleries, the sweeping survey is organized into three design-orientated chapters: Geometric, Effect, and Typographic. Each chapter is then sub-divided into form and style led sections such as alphabet, overlay, dots and squares.
Alongside the comprehensive catalog, the book features an introduction from Jens Müller on the history of logos, and an essay by R. Roger Remington on modernism and graphic design. Eight designer profiles and eight instructive case studies are also included, with a detailed look at the life and work of such luminaries as Paul Rand, Yusaku Kamekura, and Anton Stankowski, and at such significant projects as Fiat, The Daiei Inc., and the Mexico Olympic Games of 1968. An unrivaled resource for graphic designers, advertisers, and branding specialists, Logo Modernism is equally fascinating to anyone interested in social, cultural, and corporate history, and in the sheer persuasive power of image and form.

Graphic gesign. Vol. 1 1890-1959 / Jens Muller, Julius Wiedemann (Ed.). – Italy: Taschen, 2019.

History is a complex business. Fortunes boom and bust, empires wax and wane, and change―whether social, political, or technological―has its winners, its losers, its advocates, and its enemies. Through all the turbulent passage of time, graphic design―with its vivid, neat synthesis of image and idea―has distilled the spirit of each age.
This book is an in-depth history of graphic design from the end of the 19th century to the ’50s. It traces the evolution of this creative field from its beginning as poster design to its further development into advertising, corporate identity, packaging, and editorial design. Organized chronologically, the volume features over 2,500 seminal designs from all over the world, 71 of which are profiled in detail besides 61 leaders in the field, including Alphonse Mucha (chocolate advertisements), Edward Johnston (London Underground logo and typeface), El Lissitzky (constructivist graphics), Herbert Matter (photomontage travel posters from Switzerland), Saul Bass (animated opening titles), and A. M. Cassandre (art deco posters).
With his sweeping knowledge of the field, author Jens Müller curates the standout designs for each year alongside a running sequence of design milestones. Meanwhile, in his introductory essay, David Jury situates graphic design from its point of origin in early printing, engraving, and lithography to striking creative developments in the 19th century. Each consecutive decade is then prefaced by a succinct overview as well as a stunning visual timeline, offering a vivid display of the variety of graphic production in each decade as well as the global landscape which it at once described and defined.
As we move on from and reflect upon the 20th century, this first volume examines the foundations of what would influence some of the fastest-changing creative fields. Combined with Volume Two―which spans from the 1960s until today―the tomes offer the most comprehensive exploration of graphic design to date and a long-overdue recognition of its enormous contribution to economics, politics, social causes, the arts, media, and the way we see the world.